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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.


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Our story

Hello Hello, thanks for stopping by, John here and am the guy behind Easier House. Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to look around the site and i am really hoping your enjoying it thus far! 

If like me you a bit fanatical about your house then you’ll find some quality bits and pieces on this site. 

Where did this house obsession start?

I got my first place aged 21 and it was absolutely nothing to look at, a tired two bedroom flat above a noisy neighbour that liked a weekend party, and many midweek gatherings also.

But hey, you know what i saw potential! I knew that if I could make each room the best it could be i’d have a place i’d be proud of. Over the next 5 years I spent almost every penny getting that pad up to scratch, making sure not to waste money and plan each room meticulously so that it just worked.

Along this journey I developed a particular passion for planning, reading and my favourite Youtube tutorials. I had never been much good at the old DIY, but heck I was 21, and wasn’t much good at anything.

I wasn’t going to let it stop me. My thrill of finding amazing design ideas online started back in that flat and has continued to this day.

My job was always in the home improvement niche and in later life ( iam now 38, I know I don’t look it) i moved into the flooring and surface sector. Over 20 years I have built up an excellent knowledge for research and design and love nothing more than hunting down great guides or the latest products.

Starting Easier House

I always wanted to be like the current version of Studio McGee, before I even knew who they were. I’d read for countless hours magazines like House and Home or Home Building and Renovating. Anything I could get my hands on.

I never wanted to be a blogger as such, and i know i didn’t want to be a writer, penning articles about any given subject that was passed down the line… no way i was only ever interested in this topic.

Although not wanting to be some super star guru, i did really want to share projects, case studies and before and afters. There’s something exciting about taking a project and seeing the finished result and going wow!

That’s where Easier House comes, as ive gotten older my research has lent more towards time saving ideas, and generally learning how to to things well yet save time. I live in a bigger house now with the family, a forever molting golden retriever and 2 rabbits (there outside!)

So when I last researched it was for basic things like how to clean carpets or best way to build a rabbit run, not the ideas from 20 years like how to how to put an island in the worlds smallest kitchen.

Needless to say the website is going well, we have several sections that we (me and the wife who has joined the team) are pretty proud of. Our cleaning guides and reviews are being well received, and the sections are kitchens, bathrooms and gardens are proving to be enjoyable.

We are finding tonnes of cool new ideas and products that would enhance any house and make your space more enjoyable to live in. If you too are enjoying the website than be sure to give it a share!

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