The Benefits of Having Artificial Grass (A Customer’s Perspective)

Today We Are Going to Look at the Top 8 Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass From Our Own Experience

There is a wide range of products to choose from if you want to improve your garden. From gardening equipment and tools, plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, and artificial grass. Yes, artificial grass. Artificial grass, also referred to as synthetic grass or artificial turf, it is made up of artificial fibers made to look like natural grass.

Here is an image of my lawn installed by Easigrass NE, who is an artificial grass company in the North East. We play on this even when it’s drizzling. 

It is usually used in sports arenas but is slowly gaining popularity in residential and commercial environments. It provides users with many more benefits than most people realise

We had our artificial grass installation completed in June 2018, here’s what we like about it. 

No Muddy Paws or Boots

Do you ever look at the garden and think I can’t even let them play out! Subconsciously you’re thinking I really can’t have all that mud traipsed through the house. Well, that’s you and the other 95% of UK homeowners combined. 

Natural lawns in the UK winters can become complete bogs of mud and puddles, even if they appear dry they are unlikely to be bone dry which results in muddy boots and paws. 

Fake grass is different, in fact, it couldn’t be more different. A properly installed artificial lawn will drain much like a patio or driveway. There will be compacted aggregates underneath allowing the water to drain quickly and efficiently while the surface will dry even quicker. Allowing your little one or dogs to use the lawn all year round.

Pet-Friendly, Dogs Love Fake Lawns 

So we have a big golden retriever, he shouldn’t be so big but I can’t stop the wife treating him. Maybe another post on that later! He loves our artificial grass and has absolutely no interest in digging or trying to destroy it whatsoever.

It’s quite the opposite, in fact, come to the warmer weather, the false grass warms up a little and we as a family enjoy sitting on it playing games and doing family stuff! The dog is often found rolling around or asleep on it also. Because unlike a natural lawn this synthetic surface does not hold any natural smells, he’s just not interested in digging. It’s the same to him as rug indoors, he wouldn’t dig that so why dig this.

Weeing & Pooping 

The dog will wee on it and the rain will do a good enough job of cleaning the grass for you to be happy. We have a large area and haven’t noticed any smells or anything untoward. If you have a tiny area and it’s used constantly as a dog toilet then you would need to deodorise it. If he does poop we just pick it up.

Low Maintenance, You Can Throw Away Your Lawn Mower

Throwing away the lawnmower (even a fancy cordless one) is what everyone probably wants to do, but it’s more than that. You can pretty much throw out anything that has to do with lawn care. If the couple of years we have had our artificial grass installed, we have had to do nothing other than pick up the odd dog poo. 

Where we live is pretty rural, and leaves and garden debris blow on and off the lawn all year long, maybe I should invest in a garden shredder, here we reviewed the best garden shredders.

But you know what it does not bother me and not much at all bothers the artificial grass. 

The main reason they state low maintenance and not maintenance-free will is because if a weed land on the surface then the grass is usually weighted down the killing dried sand. Weeds can grow in the sand so these will just need to be picked out. If you have lot’s to tackle then here is a selection of good weeding tools.

On average I am picking around 10 a year. Also around the outsides, if the lawn meets gravel or a soil border then you may get about growth there. If you are a fan of low maintenance we did a full list of low maintenance garden ideas on a budget here.

Synthetic Turf Looks Great 365 Days a Year 

Following on from the maintenance section, one of the biggest reasons to buy artificial grass is the appearance. Most reputable artificial grass companies will provide long guarantees on things like colour fading. The colour adds the garden all year round is a big selling point. 

As you will see from the photo below taken in November, how else can you get that kind of colour at this time of year? Providing there is no snow, that synthetic grass garden will look like that on Christmas day.   

Drains Quickly and Drys Even Quicker

Used in the rain

Most people don’t realise that the turnaround time for using an artificial lawn after a shower or heavy rain is rapid, in my experience once the rain stops we can be out there playing on it with 10 minutes. Compare that to a natural lawn, it’s impossible for real grass to compete with usage times.

No Need To Water, Reduce Those Monthly Bills

One of the coolest advantages of artificial grass is the reduction of water bills, granted these money savings won’t be enough to retire on, but if you’ve ever tried to nurture a perfect lawn in the past you will know it requires a lot of watering and its ongoing. You can get it where you want it and then one warm month without much rain and it will start to die out pretty quick. Life is a lot easier now I only have to do the hanging baskets.  

No Pesticides or Fertilizers 

Loads of people are anti-artificial turf, they say it’s no good for the garden creatures, worms, and slugs, etc. How true any of that is I don’t know, I can roll my lawn back and still see plenty of insects and the rainwater drains through fine as the grass is permeable. 

What is bad for the environment is pesticides, fertilizers, and weed killers. There is nothing good about those being constantly sprinkled onto a lawn. No good for the pocket either, I am happy those items are no longer in my trolley at B&Q anymore. Additionally, it eliminates any carbon emissions that originate from lawnmowers that use fuel. If you want to remove weeds anywhere in the garden then these handy little tools will help.

Ideal for Children of All Ages 

As you can see this artificial grass takes a hammering

Kids (and maybe dads) are the biggest winners of having artificial grass installed. I get that older people don’t want to maintain grass so they find it an ideal option but the won’t use it to the full extent children will. 

Our lawn is 100% child-friendly and they definitely maximise it. From 5 aside goals to paddling pools with trampoline thrown in, the artificial grass installation can double as a children’s ground.

Summary – Should You Go For an Artificial Grass Garden? 

The artificial grass is always ready for play, a trait that cannot be said in the case of real grass in harsh weather. Since this is a similar type of grass used in sporting facilities, it is easy to see why artificial grass will allow you to play even when the weather changes. 

Artificial grass also ensures that your home and driveway will remain clean since it eliminates puddles and mud spots that are usual issues with real grass.

The fact that artificial grass does not need mowing means that it is cost-effective at present, more so in the long run. In addition to this, it also presents convenience to homeowners who, for one reason or the other, are incapable of mowing their lawns. 

The elderly and the physically challenged stand among the number of people who will benefit from this type of grass. With the advantages discussed, it is little wonder why according to local leaders Easigrass, artificial grass may be one of the must-have gardening product for 2021.

John Devlin

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