The Best Conservatory Heater: 5 Top Heating Solutions in 2021

Welcome to my best conservatory heater review for 2021.

I bought 11 products and researched 33 more of the so-called best conservatory heaters in the UK. 

It took me a fair few hundred quid (which I got mostly back thanks to Amazon’s refund policy) and about 20 hours messing around with them. 

For those of you that don’t have time to read the review then here is my winner – Pro Breeze® 2000W Mini Ceramic Fan Heater.

That’s a stand-alone one, a simple but cracking little heater for sorting a freezing conservatory out in no time at all. 

These five below are by far the best heaters to go for. It’s not even close.

If you want a wall-mounted panel heater (I didn’t because mine is full glass) or fancy heater, then I’ve covered those as well. 

In this article we are going to review the following conservatory heating options:

Benefits & Types of Conservatory Heaters

Plain and simple, conservatories benefit from enhanced heater functions. Below, you’ll find essential tips on how to find the best conservatory heaters that are not only energy efficient but easy on the pocket!.

If your still debating buying a conservatory or your conservatory is always chilly as so many Easier House readers complain theirs is then this guide is for you.

Electric Heaters

Conservatory electric heaters offer plenty of options for those looking for high levels of efficiency and performance. With an impressive selection of styles and sizes on offer, these dependable heaters not only deliver the warmth your conservatory space needs, they’re easy to install and maintain.

Even the smallest of conservatories can benefit from an electric heater, with their versatile design ensuring straightforward fitting, no matter how challenging a conservatory floor plan.

Wall Mounted Heaters

Wall mounted electric heaters are just the ticket for those after simplicity, energy efficiency and fuss-free installation. A more affordable alternative to central heating radiators, wall mounted models can be fitted in no time at all, with their raised placement meaning there’s no need to sacrifice precious square footage.

What’s more, they’re incredibly user-friendly in every respect, whether it’s DIY installation or everyday operation.

Slimline Heaters

Slimline conservatory heaters are a superb choice if you’re after discreet, but dependable heating options for your conservatory. Stainless steel slimline heaters are particularly suitable for those searching for heaters that deliver lower temperature outputs for conservatories that are used more occasionally than daily.

Their low-profile design and choice of wall mounted and free-standing models ensures there’s an ideal match for just about any conservatory.

Panel Heaters

Conservatory panel heaters are the perfect choice for those after an affordable heating solution for rooms that are used less frequently and have time to warm. Panel heaters are known for their impressive heat-up times, with many models delivering instantaneous warm air.

They’re a great choice for smaller conservatories or larger spaces that aren’t used all that regularly where heaters won’t be run every day, which also ensures they enjoy a longer overall operational lifespan.

Product Reviews & Buyers Guide

I’ve researched quite a a lot of the best heaters for conservatories on the market right now and checked for you the highest rated, most affordable and energy efficient.

Our Top Pick – Pro Breeze 2000W Mini Ceramic Fan

A little quality heater that blows out way more hot air then you’d think possible, will suit almost everyone budget and does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

I didn’t need more than this and wished I’d bought this from the off, instead of wasting at least £100 on other poorer heaters.

The techy stuff – Innovative ceramic elements allow for faster heat-up times, while 60-degree oscillation ensures warm air is dispersed more widely. Thermostat monitoring also ensures ideal temperatures at all times.

The Pro Breeze Mini Ceramic Fan Heater promises to slash the time spent waiting for much-needed warmth, with high-quality ceramic heating elements making it more efficient than conventional models.


  • Disperses heat widely in any sized conservatory
  • Discreet design and compact dimensions
  • Reliable thermostat manages optimal temperature control
  • Designed to provide overhead protection for peace of mind


  • Yet to find something I am not happy with

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Best Electric Option – Dimplex Tango 2 KW Optiflame Stove

This eye-catching electric stove is perfect for conservatories requiring a reliable heating solution that combines reliable and maintenance-free performance with traditional style. The Tango 2 Electric Stove from the range of Dimplex conservatory heating range is a quality model that is suitable for spaces requiring a compact, capable model. Optiflame effects give it some real edge.


  • Beautiful ornate exterior and doors
  • Convincing Optiflame effects and coal bed
  • No maintenance required to keep it running
  • Ready to go out of the box


  • Too small for large conservatories
  • Restricted to two heat settings

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Best Slimline Choice – Electric Panel Heater 400 -2000W

Slick electric heater for those after first-rate functionality and a contemporary aesthetic. Plug it in, fire it up and get stuck into the 24/7 timer to program your heating with ease. This sleek electric conservatory panel heater puts full control over the 24/7 timer function, temperature control and thermostatic readings in your hands.


  • Contemporary and stylish exterior design
  • Low-profile design free-standing or mounted
  • 24/7 Smart Programming timer
  • Heater suitable for room sizes of up to 6 metres


  • Convection technology caps temperature limits
  • Clunky looking free-standing base

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Best Panel Selection – Heating Panel 24/7 Day Timer 400 -2000W

This slimline panel heater from Purus brings together contemporary aesthetics and a low-profile design with high levels of programming functionality and low levels of energy consumption. This Purus 24/7 panel heater boasts a slimline design for easy fitting in just about any conservatory, a fully programmable 7-day timer, open window/draught detection and incredibly user-friendly controls.


  • Stylish exterior will suit contemporary interiors
  • 24/7 timer puts you in full control
  • This heater can help slash energy costs
  • Easily fitted, just plug in


  • The system changes due to temperature drops
  • Not the cheapest option out there

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Futura Eco 400W Deluxe

Scores highly when it comes to energy savings and efficiency, with user-friendly timer for easy programming. Slimline design and versatile fitting options allows for easy installation anywhere. The Futura Eco Deluxe stands as one of the more impressive electric panel heater options on 6he market. This surprisingly affordable heater uses a mere 400 watts to produce reliable heating results.


  • Slick and contemporary design
  • Integrated thermostat and user-friendly timer
  • Low energy consumption for this heater
  • Flexible installation options


  • Not ideal for larger conservatories

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to heat a conservatory?

There’s many ways to ensure your conservatory is kept warm efficiently, without cold air coming in. This includes quality window glazing serving as a good starting point. Quality blinds can also be used to trap heat effectively in sunnier months. Upgrading roofing material from standard polycarbonate is also a quick win. When it comes to appliances, electric radiators and portable heaters make a low-profile and efficient choice, with no disruptive installation and relatively low running costs.

What is the most economical way to heat a conservatory?

Overall, electric heaters are your best bet if money matters and your still looking for an efficient way to keep your conservatory warm as they utilise all of the electricity fed into them to produce heat output. However, different electric heaters provide different max temperatures, so they’re not always the guaranteed cheapest in terms of running costs. If you’re after base level running costs, fan heaters and bar heaters are the way to go.

Can a conservatory have heating?

Conservatories can be utilised throughout the year, not just summer, which is why you’ll find ample ways to provide these home extensions with heating supplies throughout the colder months. Simple options include electric radiators, convector heaters and column radiators that serve as an extension of current gas central heating systems. Other innovative solutions include underground heating and trench heating.

Can I put central heating in a conservatory?

Simple answer’s yes. If you wish to utilise your existing central heating system, an additional radiator or radiators can be connected to your current system. However, you’ll need to ensure that any radiator in your conservatory has an independent thermostatic control and that adding such a solution to your conservatory is supported by suppliers and permitted by building authorities. If your central heating system currently runs off an efficient boiler, this can be a very affordable conservatory heating option. It will put a stop to the need for heaters that’s for sure.

Does underfloor heating work in a conservatory?

If you’re considering underfloor heating as an option for your conservatory, you’re in luck. Underfloor heating can be an efficient choice for warming your conservatory spaces, providing you a discreet solution that’s consistent with heating output. However, underfloor heating can take some time to adequately warm a space, meaning you’ll need to start those switches in good time. Ultimately, it’s not a practical solution for those who may need to utilise their conservatory without warning.

How much does it cost to heat a conservatory?

Concerned about the addition to your energy bill from running conservatory heaters? Although energy supplier tariffs can change significantly in a short amount of time, we can look at average expense now to get an idea of running costs. For example, an electric heater rated 2000 watts will consume 2 kilowatts of electricity in an hour. Currently, this would work out at a cost of 30 pence. Remember, simply multiply power rating by running time to find the amount of overall energy used, then work out the exact cost by referring to your supplier’s tariff.

How much heat does a glass conservatory roof save?

Even the simplest of conservatories can boast a significant amount of windows and doors with plenty of glass. It’s ideal for enjoying garden views in comfort, but also contributes to significant increases in heat loss from interiors. Double glazed conservatories can lose up to eight times as much heat as a room with traditional walls with cavities. An energy-efficient choice is essential because of this.

To Wrap It Up, My Personal Recommendation

When it comes to kitting out our conservatories, getting it right with the perfect product picks is crucial in ensuring you continue to enjoy your space for years to come. With our buying guide tips and breakdown of different the top heaters for conservatories, we hope we’ve been able to help you make the right decision when it comes to keeping your conservatory warm.

For more great ideas for UK conservatories it’s here

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