Garden Shredder Reviews: 5 Best UK Models For Shredding Leaves

If you are in a dash, or don’t want to read all the reviews about which is the best garden shredder then based on safety, price and features we recommend Bosch AXT 25 TC Quiet Garden Shredder as the best buy this year.

Garden shredders, they just sound cool. Say those words to a kid and they’d be off instantly looking for things to shred. But when buying garden shredders a little more research is needed for sure. There are tonnes out there and as you’d imagine there are some mean machines that will shred almost anything, and there are some real wimpy garden shredders that love stop and jam every 2 minutes.

So what is the top garden shredder to buy in 2021?

The answer is… It depends!

It depends on how much of beast you want and how much you want to spend. Below we have dismissed 30 – 40 brands and models and narrowed it down to the top 5, with one eventual winner.

In this article, were going to review the following garden shredders:

The Key Benefits of Buying a Garden Shredder

Time Savings (Claim Back Your Weekends)

I personally live on a farm, no animals but still a farm! The amount of fallen leaves and small branches we have around the paddocks makes it crazy for me to not see the value for money in buying a garden shredder. Scooping up all that green waste and disposing of it is a real-time suck and very very choresome. This way I can recycle and spread all the shreddings around areas of my land just using a decent wheelbarrow. For a list of 5 top wheelbarrows, it’s here.

Homemade Compost

By throwing in all the shredded waste into your compost heap you are adding nitrogen-rich greens which will do the world of good. All gardens produce green waste, and by composting your producing fantastic usable material for the garden.

Hire Costs are Expensive

Hiring a garden shredder is obviously the right choice if you are only going to a one time project, they aren’t small and you don’t want to store the thing if it’s never going to be used again. But if you feel it’s going to be a regular necessity and will aid you in your gardening efforts then you should avoid the hire option completely. Hire costs can be as follows depending on where you live in the UK.

From hire prices range from £68 a day to £91 and these prices are plus VAT. They tend to only hire petrol because of the amount of use they get, but still 3 or more hires and you could have owned a decent one.

Product Reviews & Buyers Guide

The research into the best garden waste shredder showed up some interesting points, you’d think they’d be all very similar but surprisingly there are key differences that are useful before you hand over your cash. Some of quiet, some are seriously noisy, others are specialists at shredding branches, where others, especially cheaper shredders are really for lightweight domestic use only. Let’s dive in!

Best Heavy Duty Shredder – Bosch Shredder AXT 25 TC

Let’s get straight to the issue on the Bosch Shredder AXT, the people that have bought it swear by it, it’s the daddy of quiet shredders, it has a ridiculous amount of power, it’s a Bosch shredder who are in our opinion leading the way with UK garden shredders. It can go through compost, cut down way bigger branches than other budget models yet still light and easy enough to shift around.

The thing is and you need to ask yourself this question, what’s the best garden shredder for me? Because this might be way more than you need, you may well be paying for the Rolls Royce of wood chippers when this powerful engine is more than what you need.

In places it’s performance is on par with effective commercial petrol garden shredders. If you we’re going to buy a heavy-duty petrol shredder then look into this one closer, but if you literally see yourself spending a few hours a month, crunching leaves, stems and plants then you may well be spending too much money on this model.

It’s made the list of the best garden shredder reviews because it’s undoubtedly top end, but it also has the price tag to go with it.


  • The high torque of 650 Nm makes this the best shredder for soft and hard materials
  • Large cutting capacity (Dia. 45 mm)and extra power mean this will cut and crush through bigger stuff.
  • A 53 Litre collection box is nice, means less changing over every 5 minutes
  • Inbuilt hopper is a great addition instead of a bucket or trug.
  • Super quiet beeps every now and then but that’s about it


  • Some people may deem this expensive
  • Fantastic machine but maybe more than most homeowners need.

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Best Shredder for Home Use – Bosch Shredder AXT Rapid 2200

As with most Bosch power tools the Bosch AXT rapid 2200 is an excellent piece of kit, this garden shredder can chew up branches and chippings like nobody’s business straight out of the box.

If you take your time with this shredder, (like all shredders or wood chippers) then you are going to have a minimum fuss with this bad boy. Jamming, slowing and stopping is not likely as it is with other cheap electric garden shredders.

If you doing a weekend garden tidy up then this is easy to manoeuvre and can sit running 3 to 4 hours without any issues. It’s a bit more expensive than some machines but in this case you do get what you pay for. From leaves to branches and all the other plant material in between this model will make it look a breeze.


  • Light and easy to unjam. (Some are really not easy to clear)
  • Relatively quiet and easy to move.
  • Bosch is superb for replacement blades and other parts.
  • A great all-rounder for woody material up to bigger stems, twigs and branches.
  • Simple to sharpen or replace blades.


  • Exit chute only 12 inches from the floor, so you are limited to the size of the box or bag underneath.
  • Cut off switch mechanism could be better.
  • Really small material may fly straight through as it’s better with bigger twigs etc.

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Best Cheap Chipper – Einhell GH-KS 2440 2000 W Electric Rapid Garden Shredder

The Einhell GH-KS 2440 is the best entry-level electric shredder we found, simple in most departments like easy to use, clean and move. Really cheap electric shredders are torture with the constant motor stops and jamming, they are simply not equipped for what they are about to receive.

The Einhell garden chipper is different, it has a good thing going with its quality reputation and ideal price point. Past consumers have tested it over and over again and it still chalks up excellent garden shredder reviews.

It may not be the most robust or durable garden shredder on the market, but it’s a definitely a fair buy and as long as you don’t suddenly think its in there with petrol tree shredders then you’ll do just fine with this.


  • Pretty high cutting performance.
  • Attaching the garden rubbish bag is a sinch.
  • It’s a really cool price to get you started.


  • Entry-level, don’t buy this if you have serious amounts of regular shredding to do.
  • Louder than others buyers reckon.

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A Good All Rounder – Dirty Pro Tools™ Garden Shredder

Nothing too bad to say about this model, The Dirty Pro Tools electric garden shredder certainly holds its own in the garden wood chipper world. It has a first-time buyers price point but that would be doing it a disservice if we said it was for first-timers only. It is powerful enough to handle most gardens and will wizz through everything from compost to 25ml sticks.

It has a decent blade (plus spares). It’s not bad on the noise front and comes with a 6m power cable to plug into the mains. The price is excellent when you look at a real electric garden shredder comparison, so all in all this is a good deal.


  • A 40ml cutting width is excellent, the main types around this price are less.
  • A very budget-friendly electric garden shredder
  • Large wheels mean you can drag it easily anywhere
  • Safety cut out switch which some don’t have
  • Comes with spare blades which again is good considering the cost of the shredder.


  • Better with woody stuff, than fallen leaves and compost.
  • Load slot may be too small for some.

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The Handy Impact Shredder with Collection Box

This little fella is making a run to be the outright winner, like Dirty Pro model above it’s a top pick for sure. It’s easier to use than a wide range of the machines we looked at. You can feed this one with everything from foliage to hedge trimmings and the drum will deal with it.

As with most impact shredders gardening becomes that little bit easier, but they won’t all be as reliable as this unit. Lots you want to avoid, as close down far too quick, the reviews on this type are quite the opposite.

It has power, and the key thing for us is the feedback and the price point, they both marry up perfectly to make this a contender.


  • Removable hopper & 40-litre collector capacity
  • Easy to store, use and move
  • Costs less than you’d think
  • Good for sticks and wood, not the greatest on mulching dry leaves.


  • Basic blade, not a geared crusher
  • Maybe not the quietest

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Frequently Asked Questions

What about roller shredders?

Roller shredders work differently to these models above, they use a rolling drum and crush is their primary method as opposed to shredding. They are less suitable for gardens as they are heavier so mobility can be an issue.

What can you shred in a garden shredder?

Loads of things, not limited to foliage, hedge cuttings, sticks, twigs, branches (check diameter) leaves. Most natural growth that is small enough to fit can go through. If you are unsure try a small piece first.

To Wrap It Up, My Personal Recommendation

So, what is the best garden mulcher?

Some products we review on this site are not as varied as these, they differ slightly and are hard to separate, what became apparent here pretty quickly with these garden waste shredders is the effectiveness of the different types is hugely different. And so are the costs.

So we had to cage our recommendation on both performance and price. Nobody wants to pay too much but nobody also wants to pay twice for cheap rubbish. We feel based on over 10 hours of research that the best garden shredder is the Bosch Shredder AXT Rapid 2200. It’s one the top brands for sure, warranty is there. The manufacturer is superb for spare parts and customer support and the performance at its price point makes it easily the winner.

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