Ideas for a Small Conservatory to Stop It Looking Squashed

If your conservatory is quite small then you can end up not using it – simply because you don’t know how to. If you have a small living space that you’re unsure about then you’re in the right place. Read on to find out how you can make your small conservatory into a paradise within your home.

Having a little conservatory is both a blessing and a curse. It can provide you with some much-needed space but sometimes this space is so small that you don’t know what to do with it. Having the correct conservatory decor and things to go in can open up your house and provide you with a place full of light and a place to enjoy your garden all year.

Interior Design Ideas

There are a million different things you can put in your small conservatory – it all depends on what you want it for. If you’re after a place to go and relax then why not think about putting a small armchair in there?

You could combine this with a footrest and some cosy blankets and you’ve got the perfect place to sit and enjoy the sun – or snuggle up on a rainy afternoon. What about making it a fabulous shabby chic style, with throws and chic furniture.

Home office maybe?

If you’re looking for a place where you get some work done then you could consider putting a small desk in there. You can find desks of all sizes and combine this with a small chair and a lamp or two then you have a place to get your work done in peace.

You will feel inspired by the natural light and lovely views and the chances are you won’t be disturbed when you’re trying to get work done. If you have kids you can also put a small children’s desk in there as a place for them to get their homework done. Having a designated area for work makes you much more likely to accomplish what you need to do without distraction.

Conservatory Ideas for Small Spaces

Having a small space can be tricky. It can be hard to fit what you want into space where there isn’t much room. It seems most items of furniture these days are made for bigger spaces which don’t help when you’re out shopping for things to go in your small conservatory. When trying to find inspiration for your small space you should look online. These places are a great start:

There are so many different and creative ideas for what people have done with their little spaces. You may not be able to do these for budget reasons, or the spaces are slightly different – but it’s a good place to go to get some ideas.

You can then adapt all of these ideas into something that will work for you. In order to get an idea for your small space, you should start by thinking about what your home currently lacks. By thinking about what you could benefit from, you can start to formulate ideas for what to do with your conservatory.

Tiny Ideas

The good news for people looking for something to do with their small conservatory is that tiny spaces are big news right now. People can’t afford to move into large houses like they used to, and many people are having to live at home for longer. This means that people are having to make do with smaller spaces – so the market for small ideas is booming.

For something totally unique why not try scaling down what would be an ordinary room? For instance, a normal living room would usually consist of a sofa and possibly one or two armchairs.

Scaling Down!

  • Why not scale this down and just have one armchair?
    Do you really need 2 or 3? Who normally uses the area, if its usually just one person then style that way.
  • You could put a small TV in there so you have somewhere to escape to when you want to watch something on your own. Like a mini-movie room for couples when the kids have gone to bed
  • Or you could fill the room with smaller bookcases and create yourself a tiny library.
    The fresh light coming in from all the windows will create a perfect spot to curl up with a book and escape.

Kids Area? – Probably what most people go for…

You could also create a play area for small children. If you have kids you’ll know all too well the mess they can make all over the house. By making your small conservatory into a child’s playroom they have a dedicated space for their games – without trashing the rest of your house! And the beauty of small children is that they don’t need much space, so a small conservatory is a perfect room for them! This is an especially popular idea for people with the lean to style

Decorating a conservatory on a budget

When it comes to decorating, the costs of everything can soon stack up. If you’re on a budget you may be thinking that you’ll have to stick with what you’ve got because you can’t afford to anything too fancy. Well, that’s why decorating a conservatory is perfect if you’re trying not to spend too much. Conservatories generally don’t have much in the way of walls to decorate so you can save money by not spending a fortune on paint.

A small conservatory also won’t need a lot in it so you won’t have to fork out for a new living room suite. One or two pieces of furniture will fit the space nicely and won’t break the bank.

You can peruse charity or second-hand shops for items which are unique. Because you’re only looking for a few pieces you don’t need to worry about everything matching and being part of a suite.

Beautiful conservatory ideas

If you’re inspired to do something with your small conservatory then you will want some ideas of where to start. Starting a new project can be daunting but with a little guidance then you’ll soon have your perfect miniature space in no time.

Once you’ve decided what you want to do with your small conservatory you can start planning what you’ll need for it.

Top Tips

If you’re choosing a colour scheme then going for pastels will really help to keep the space bright and airy and will look great against the window frame. Soft pinks and blues are perfect for this because they will reflect the natural light and help to keep the space looking bigger than it actually is. However, you can also afford to go for bright and bold patterns. Because space is naturally very light, bold patterns won’t make it seem small.

You can get away with patterned rugs or throws which will make space feel fresh and yet still help to reflect the natural brightness of the room. Just don’t go too overboard with the patterns – try to stick to one or two bold ones and keep the rest very neutral. If you’re looking for a cosy reading room then lots of pillows and throws will give the room some much-needed softness.

If you’ve decided to go for a kids’ playroom then this is your chance to go crazy with bold colours. Go for a bright rug or play mat so the kids can play on the floor. A small table and some bright coloured chairs will give them somewhere to draw or do homework – and help space look bigger. If you fill the room with smaller items it will naturally look bigger – and your kids will love it!

What to put in a small conservatory! Its time for you to decide!

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