The Best Combination Microwave Oven in 2021 – 5 Energy Efficient Picks

If you are in a dash, or don’t want to read all the reviews about which is the best combination microwave, then based on price and features we recommend the Panasonic Solo Inverter Microwave Oven as the best buy this year.

Microwaves have improved significantly in performance since they first hit the market decades ago. At the same time, their prices have been going down steadily. As a lover of kitchen gadgets and new ideas, I am familiar with all the best combination microwaves on the market today and have put together reviews of the best ones available.

The top combination microwave ovens we have selected.

How to Choose the Best Combination Microwaves

I always advise people to purchase products that meet their specific needs. Here are some factors you should consider when selecting a combi microwave:

  • The power rating – The power rating has a direct impact on the performance of the combination microwave. Most microwaves have power ratings of between 700 watts and 1100 watts.
  • Capacity- The smallest combination microwaves have capacities of 17 litres and the largest ones have capacities of 32 litres.
  • Price- One valuable piece of advice I can give you is to never go for a dirt-cheap microwave. Such models will not last for long and will typically perform inconsistently. At the same time, you don’t need to spend your entire paycheck on a combination microwave. The most expensive ones will have many features which are not best suited for homes or small businesses.
  • The size- This should be determined by the available countertop space, as well as the capacity you need.
  • Flatbed vs turntable models- Turntable microwaves rotate when in operation while flatbed ovens stay in a single position. Although flatbed models usually allow the insertion of large plates, I would advise you to go for turntable ovens. This is because they heat food more evenly.
  • Check the features- Nowadays, combination microwaves come with many useful features. You can consider moving to the midrange and expensive models if you want to enjoy these features. At this point, I should remind you to avoid falling into the trap of paying for features or settings that are not useful to you.
  • Customer reviews- I know you probably believe that the best customer reviews are paid for and unreliable at the best of times, but there are a few reasons why I trust them. First, most sellers know that fake or incentivised positive reviews can easily be spotted by an algorithm or even the potential buyers. This will damage their reputation and could cost them more customers than they would potentially gain. Sellers are also wary of legal consequences for review manipulation. In my opinion, the problem of paid reviews is exaggerated. You should simply read them while keeping an eye open for obvious clues of fake or paid reviews.

Precautions When Using Combination Microwaves

Combination microwaves can be very dangerous. Instead of going through the obvious precautions, I will cover the ones which are commonly neglected.

  • Don’t remove hot foods with children around- I understand how someone would forget and remove hot foods as per routine. Children are naturally curious and like to touch everything, meaning they could burn themselves when in the kitchen.
  • Use the child lock feature- If you live with children or incapacitated people, you should consider getting a microwave with the child lock feature. This  is perfect for safety and will prevent the oven from being used by incapacitated individuals. If you can’t find a suitable one with the child lock feature, you can make a habit of unplugging the oven and storing it in high surfaces. Also, make sure you always stay around the kitchen when cooking.

Are Microwaves Safe for You?

In my career in home improvement, I have heard several myths on microwave ovens. The most common is that a microwave oven can cause cancer. This myth was debunked years ago, and its bases were weak at best. Microwaves heat food just like any other method and do not cause any changes to the food. They simply use the electromagnetic spectrum to vibrate water molecules and produce heat, thus cooking the food.

Product Reviews & Buyers Guide

When reviewing the vast range of microwaves that are on the market today, we came across some key differences between the models in terms of price, value, quality and how aesthetically pleasing they looked. So let’s not hang about anymore, let’s find out which one best suits you!

Best Value Microwave – Panasonic NN-SD25HBBPQ Solo Inverter Microwave Oven

This combination microwave comes in black colour, and it is great value. Many of the best products I have come across in this category are about twice as expensive as this combination microwave. This particular microwave is made with inverter technology, and this has been noted to enable even and consistent cooking.

I found this microwave ideal for people who like simple and intuitive designs. When setting the temperature, you will be able to move from smaller increments to larger ones as you set higher durations. For example, at the one-minute mark, you will be able to make 10-second increments, and at the 10-minute mark, your increments will rise to 5-minute ones. This can make it easier and more convenient to set the timer.

But the same feature can cause some inconvenience. For example, you cannot set the power timer to 13 minutes and will instead have to set it at 15 minutes. This is definitely not a big problem since you can turn off the timer before the timer expires, but it can be a little bit inconveniencing.


  • Microwaves often have a  cleaning mode that effectively gets rid of the odours.
  • The knob controls are intuitive and increase the time intelligently.
  • It comes in two designs and is, therefore, guaranteed to fit in with any kitchen decor.
  • It can hold up to 2kg of food. This means you can heat a meal for a small family in a single round.
  • It runs very quietly and makes a beep when the food is ready.


  • Reviewers state the timer knob is not the best.
  • The intelligent timer may not suit everyone.

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Stylish Option For Your Kitchen – Russell Hobbs RHM2574 Digital Combination Microwave

If your primary concern is the style and design of the microwave oven, then your search should end here. I had a hard time finding a more attractive combi microwave on the market. The most appealing feature of this appliance is the mirrored door finish.

But a beautiful oven will be useless if it can’t perform its core roles of cooking food. To improve its functionality, the manufacturer designed it with a 25-litre capacity, a digital timer, 10 autocook functions, and 900 watts of power. It comes with a grill rack and baking tray, so you can start cooking as soon as you get it out of the box.

Unlike many modern microwaves which have built in technology, this one comes with real control buttons on the settings, which are quite easy to operate. Many people don’t like the poor responsiveness of the modern flat panels, and this product solves the problem easily. I also loved the fact that the product has a stainless steel interior. This surface is quite easy to clean.


  • The oven grill has an excellent look and will complement your kitchen decor.
  • It has straightforward controls that consist of real buttons.
  • It is easy to clean as it has a stainless steel interior.
  • It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Although the controls are easy to look, they make the product appear traditional.

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Best Built in Microwave Oven- Toshiba Microwave Oven ML-EM23P(SS) 23L Digital Display 800W

This is among the highest-rated combination microwave ovens in the UK, so you can be sure you will not go wrong with this individual appliance. The product was made by the Toshiba brand. I prefer buying electronics from old and established manufacturers since they typically make high-quality and long-lasting products. Although it is made by a reputable company, this microwave is pretty cheap in comparison.

The best feature about these microwaves is the express cook. This feature on the settings will accurately prepare common foods or ready meals with a single push of a button. The timer can be set for a minimum of 30 seconds, and that is long enough to cook bread. I also appreciated the fact that you can simulate the cooking experience of a gas cooker by adjusting the timer and the power level. For this feature, you can cook in multiple stages.

A terrific microwave grill, this one comes with a glass turntable that rotates to ensure even heating and that you cook food correctly. Most ovens that do not rotate will heat the food on one side. The LED display turns green when in use, so you should not have a hard time operating it.


  • It has a child lock feature which prevents the oven from being used by children and incapacitated people.
  • It is made with a 5 blade fan, and this means it runs with little noise.
  • It has an attractive stainless steel finish.
  • The design allows you to clean it easily with a damp cloth.


  • Although the buttons have a nice modern look, they are not easy to press as they don’t have pressure points.

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A Good Overall Pick – Bosch Series 2 HMT84M421B White Freestanding Microwave

This is a simple combi microwave oven which will not cost you a lot of money. It works well, and like many other Bosch products, it will last for a very long time. The 900-watt power levels is higher than most products you will find at this price range, and that is one thing which I liked. You can choose between 5 power levels.

The oven has a 25-litre capacity and can prepare an average-sized meal. The timer on this microwave is in the form of a knob. Although this can seem old-fashioned to some people, it makes it easier to set the time. This is because it can set the time through 1-second increments, 10-second increments, and then you can go up by minutes. The maximum amount of time you can set is 99 minutes. The manufacturer included 7 pre-set automatic programmes, and this will make it a lot easier to use the settings on the product.

When you first use this oven, you will notice that it makes too many beeps at the end of the cook. This is not a sign of malfunction on the technology; you just need to press the power button for about 7 seconds. After this, the number of beeps will be set to three. Bosch is known for its lengthy warranties. For this product, they offer a 2-year warranty.


  • It is large enough to make a meal for a small family.
  • It comes with seven pre-set cooking programmes which make it easier to use.
  • You can clearly see the inside of the oven and determine when your food is ready
  • The display is bright and can be read from a distance.


  • The features and functions are basic.

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Ideal For Small Kitchens – Morphy Richards Microwave Accents Colour Collection

If you have a compact kitchen countertop, then this would be the best microwave for you. It can fit on almost all kitchen spaces even a pantry, but you should note that it only has a capacity of 20 litres at best.

If you like the sound of a pantry, here are 16 great kichten pantry ideas.

The oven is designed with a door handle. This design means microwaves are easier to use as compared to the open buttons.

This is among the cheapest microwaves you will find on the market. I should mention that it still has exceptional functionality. You can use it to defrost food and cook foods in eight different pre-programmed settings. To use the automatic defrost feature, you will need to set time or weight and start the oven. The 95-minute timer is in the form of a knob.

One problem with this oven is that reviewers state the handles feel flimsy.


  • It is small enough to fit in very small kitchens.
  • It is simple to use since it is made with a knob instead of flat buttons. Also, the door has a handle.
  • Even though it has a capacity of only 20 litres, it can fit a dinner plate.
  • It is affordable for an appliance with this much technology.


  • There may be better choices on the market

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As I conclude, I would like to mention that Panasonic NN-SD25HBBPQ is my favourite microwave oven. This oven grill has all the features you might need to cook your food. It also ensures even cooking since it is made with inverter technology. It has 1000 watts of power, and this means it will perform very well. With a 23-litre capacity, the oven can accommodate average-sized families.

Still, I should mention that you have to consider your personal needs before selecting an oven. Don’t buy a size larger than you need and don’t go for features that are irrelevant to you.

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