Electric Chainsaw Reviews: 5 Best (Small & Large) Cordless Choices

If you are in a dash, or don’t want to read all the reviews about which is the best electric chainsaw then based on safety, price and features we recommend the Einhell 2000W electric chainsaw as the best buy this year.

When it comes to cutting through wood and branches cleanly and quickly, you can’t beat a good chainsaw.  However, what makes a good chainsaw? 

  • Is it the cutting power? 
  • The ergonomic design? 
  • Or is it the brand and manufacturer? 
  • Are electric chainsaws more dangerous?

Chances are when buying an electrical chainsaw, it’s always going to be a mix of the above.  However, knowing quite how to narrow down your choice is likely to be a bit of a challenge.

There are plenty of great electric chainsaws out there, all of which are safe to use, easy to maintain, and which provide superior cutting power.  After all, if you’re cutting up tree stumps, logs or branches, you’re going to want something that powers through without you having to put too much elbow grease in.  What’s more, you shouldn’t expect to pay too much in the long run for a durable chainsaw worth the brand label it arrives with.

Don’t worry, however, as we’ve done plenty of research into what really makes for the best electric chainsaws around.  There’s more choice out there than you might think, and naturally, you’re going to want to know what to compare and contrast.

In this article, we are going to review the following electric chainsaws:

The Key Benefits of Buying an Electric Chainsaw

They Are Lightweight and Easy to Manage

Compared to bulkier, heavier petrol chainsaws, electric models are easy to pick up and move around, while still offering excellent performance.  While you might be able to move a petrol saw around easier as it’s not plugged in, it’s likely to be cumbersome.  Electric chainsaws are generally designed to be comfortable and easy to wield for even the toughest of cutting jobs.  They’re easy for most people to use.

They Are Cost-Effective

If you have a lot of firewood to get through, or stacks of garden waste to clear up, you’ll need a saw or a shredder that’s going to be affordable in the long run.  A good electric chainsaw won’t demand much from you in terms of price in the first place.  They are often powerful with low electricity demands well balanced.  Therefore, pound for pound, you are already saving what you’d waste on keeping a petrol chainsaw powered up.

They Cut Down on Hard Work

Do electric chainsaws work well?

Some people don’t like electric chainsaws because they can pale in comparison with beefier petrol systems.  However, for the price and usability, electric chainsaws actually get a lot done.  While you’d expect to spend hours whittling or slicing through thick wood with a hacksaw or similar, an electric chainsaw is going to slice right through in a matter of seconds.  Electric chainsaws will vary in terms of power and strength, of course, but these are all factors you’re going to need to compare.

They’re Safer Than You Think

Many people who aren’t into woodwork might think of a chainsaw and immediately imagine a big, rusty implement that’s likely to cause serious injury.  The fact is, even the safest electric chainsaw could do serious damage if you’re not careful.  However, most electric chainsaws are much safer than the older systems and tools of old.  The newer the chainsaw, the safer it is likely going to be to use. Again, do compare and contrast what you find online.

Product Reviews & Buyers Guide

With so many different electric chainsaws out there, we only think it’s right you know which models we feel are the absolute best.  These picks are not only popular online, but they also meet with our seasoned seal of approval.  Therefore, you can always buy with confidence!

Best Value Chainsaw:  Einhell GH-EC 2040 2000 W Tool Less Electric Chainsaw with 40 cm Oregon Bar – Black, Red

If you’re looking for a low-cost electric chainsaw, Einhell’s leading chainsaw is likely to be a good choice.  Boasting 2000W in power, it’s perhaps a little more powerful than what you might expect for its price.  It has high-quality rails and chain technology, making it one of the most adaptable chainsaws of its kind.

It’s comfortable to use, and you won’t need any extra bits or pieces to mess around with the chains.  The kickback brake offers good protection, and few electric chainsaws in the line offer the same safety features, durability and build quality.


  • Ergonomic in design and very well built
  • Offers 2000W, making it a very powerful motor compared to similarly priced systems
  • Very safe with kickback and chain brake
  • Automatically lubricates
  • Very affordable


  • Some users may not find it the easiest chainsaw to get used to at first

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Best Oiled Chainsaw:  Makita UC3541A/2 240V Electric Chainsaw 35cm 1800W, 1800 W, 240 V, Blue, Large

While electric chainsaws won’t need you to keep topping up on petrol or fuel, you will need oil for lubrication.  The snazzy Makita UC3541A is not only a great fit for your garden arsenal, it has an automatic chain system and oil level fill gauge, making it super-easy to keep lubricated.  There is never a need for you to stop to fill up every five seconds.

Chain speed of 14.5 m/s maximum will likely appeal to many gardeners and woodcutters.  At 1800W, it’s also pretty powerful for a chainsaw of this nature and size.  You’d be hard pushed to find a more capable chainsaw of this size.


  • Nice design, very easy to use
  • Auto chain for automatic oiling and lubrication
  • Very adjustable and customisable 
  • Great value
  • Decent power


  • Some users may find it a little on the heavy side
  • There are some complaints regarding the manufacturing quality

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Best Durable Chainsaw:  Oregon CS1400 Electric Chainsaw with 16-Inch (40 cm) Guide Bar DuraCut Saw Chain, 2400 W

At 2400W, this Oregon chainsaw is likely to give you more power and pressure than a lot of other models in similar weight and price range.  What’s more, it’s billed as one of the most durable chainsaws of its kind, making it a potential winner for anyone likely to be cutting through a lot branches on a regular basis!

As with the Makita saw above, this tool offers instant lubrication and should give you plenty of heft to just keep going and going.  The saw chain on-board is said to offer 3x the cutting duration you’d generally find with other saws, making it a good all-around choice.


  • Very durable and impressively powerful chainsaw for the price
  • Heavy-duty yet easy to manoeuvre
  • Very safe with guards and protectors built into the design
  • 14.7 m/s chain speed makes for solid performance
  • Easy to use and slice through even the toughest of woods


  • Some people may find it hard to get used to at first, there are claims the instruction manual isn’t fantastic
  • It may not give you the same heft or power you’d expect from a similar petrol system

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Best Cordless Electric Chainsaw:  Bosch UniversalChain 18 Cordless Chainsaw

Bosch is a good name in power tools you can rely on for most things in the home and garden, which is why we’re pretty confident praising this one.  It’s a cordless chainsaw, which means you just need to charge up the battery for juice and you can get sawing.  It’s only 3kg in weight including its battery charger, making it super-lightweight.

As with most Bosch cordless electric chainsaws, it boasts plenty of nice safety features and shouldn’t take you too long to power up.  However, you may find it’s probably best for smaller jobs, not necessarily for cutting through stacks of thick wood.


  • Cordless and chargeable batteries for maximum portability
  • A solid brand with a good reputation
  • Very safe and ergonomic in design
  • Great value for the technology
  • Easy to use on the whole


  • May need something with more power for tougher jobs.

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Most Powerful Chainsaw:  Ryobi RCS2340 Chainsaw, 2300 W – Green/Black

Ryobi’s robust, a tough-looking electric chainsaw is a real powerhouse with 2300W behind it, and it’s also one of the easiest tools of its kind to use.  It’s anti-vibration by design, making it super-comfortable to hold and wield.

You can get up to 14 m/s in cutting speed through tough woods, and it’s built to last, with many people online saying that it’s one of the most durable and reliable tools of its kind.


  • Lots of power at 2000W, making it one of the best choices for the price
  • Nice and fast through tough woods
  • Comfortable to wield and use regularly
  • No need for tools to fiddle with the chain
  • Very safe with deflector functionality


  • Some people have had difficulty figuring out chain sharpening

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To Wrap It Up, My Personal Recommendation

So, who makes the best electric cordless chainsaw?

Of all the different electric chainsaw reviews in this list, my top choice is always going to be the Einhell 2000W electric chainsaw.  It’s the best electric chainsaw all-rounder by far, offering stacks of functionality for the price.  It’s nice and safe, and what’s more, it’s likely to do a lot more for you per slice than you might be expecting.

However, there are different chainsaws for different jobs and different people! Take a look through, compare and contrast, and always be willing to shop around when looking for good garden buys.

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