Garden Sprinkler Reviews: 5 Best UK Watering Systems for Your Lawn

If you are in a dash, or don’t want to read all the reviews about which is the best garden sprinkler then based on safety, price and features we recommend  M PLUS Heavy Duty Brass Impact Lawn Sprinkler as the best buy this year.

Watering the garden can be a bit of a chore sometimes, which is why a lawn sprinkler was designed to make things a bit easier.  Not all of us have the time to cover the whole lawn and flowerbeds with a traditional hose system. This is especially the case when we have long stretches of grass to deal with.

That’s where garden sprinklers come in.  Lawn sprinklers make sure the whole of your garden gets the watering treatment.  There are different types of sprinkler out there, however, which can make finding the best model for your garden all the trickier.  How do you know how much reach you’ll need? What should you really be investing, in terms of money, into a sprinkler?

We’ve made sure to take these questions on board while looking at some of the best garden sprinklers you can buy in 2021.  If you want to take the stress out of watering grass and plants in the months ahead, make sure to choose systems which are practical as well as affordable.  Then again, you shouldn’t always have to spend a lot to get a lot back!

In this article, we are going to review the following garden sprinklers:

What to Look For in a Good Garden Sprinkler

The Best Type for Your Garden

Sprinklers come in all shapes and models, which means you’re going to need to do a bit of digging.  Stationary sprinklers spray water in one position and in one direction. Oscillating sprinklers, as you might expect, tend to spray in all directions.  You can also purchase rotary and travelling sprinklers if you need a little more flexibility. The choice is yours.

Sprinkler Coverage

A good garden sprinkler for your needs should cover a wide area, and should spray water in a shape or zone that benefits you.  For example, a circular isn’t always going to be perfect for smaller gardens, or for those which don’t need watering all the way around.  You should look carefully at the coverage facts before you put any money down.

Bases and Weights

The heavier the garden sprinkler is, the more durable and stable it is going to be.  The worst thing you are going to want is for water to be spraying haphazardly all over the place – as this is only going to be a nightmare for you to control and turn off.  Some lay flat, while others stand on one end. Choose a heavier garden sprinkler option if you want the base to be static. If you need to move it around a lot, make sure to pick a garden sprinkler model that’s light enough for you to carry around.

Ease of Use

Naturally, you should also be thinking carefully about how easy your garden sprinkler should be to use.  Some can be switched off at the base, while others you can control from far away. Can you also control the spray, water pressure and flow conveniently enough, meaning that you can choose how intense you want your watering to be?

Product Reviews & Buyers Guide – What is the Best Garden Sprinkler in 2021?

As there are so many different garden sprinklers out there, it makes sense that you should look for a little help and guidance in finding the best picks for your needs.  Don’t worry, as we’ve done all the hard work for you. Take a look below for the best sprinklers online right now.

Best Heavy-Duty Sprinkler:  M PLUS Heavy Duty Brass Impact Lawn Sprinkler with Metal Sled, Adjustable Angle and Distance, Watering Up to 41′ Diameter Circle

Not all have the pleasure of being so robust as this M PLUS system.  This sprinkler lets you spray across your whole garden up to 360 degrees with good water pressure, and you can adjust this all the way around.  What’s more, the tough construction stands apart from the pack in that it is likely to withstand more, and it will likely last longer than cheaper metals used in other sprinklers.

It sprays out much further than many other systems in a similar line.  Above all, it offers great value compared to other systems.


  • Robust garden sprinkler and manufacture in brass makes it some of the toughest sprinklers around
  • Up to 41’ in spray radius covers a lot of ground in comparison to similar market
  • A best-priced sprinkler, generally has great water coverage


  • Some users may find it difficult to use due to fewer instructions available than other models

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Best Stable Sprinkler:  Gardena 8135-20 Premium Full or Part Circle Pulse Sprinkler, Grey, Area Coverage 75 – Maximum 490 sq m/Range is Fully Adjustable 5 – Maximum 12.5 m

When you buy a garden sprinkler, you are going to need it to be stable regardless of the surface you are placing it on.  You can position this sprinkler safely and stably on your lawn thanks to its three-prong inserts and sled. Spray up to 490 square meters at once.  You can connect multiple sprinklers in a line if you want wider coverage of your garden or flowerbeds.

You can adjust this sprinkler to your lawn or plants between 25 and 360 degrees, which means you are always free to diversify how much you spray, and where.  The manufacture is also very durable, with the Gardena name being popular with sprinkler owners the world over. You can pinpoint which areas of your garden you would like to be watered.


  • Specific sled design with metal prongs allows for greater stability and high water pressure
  • One of the best value prdoucts which you can connect in a row – this technology is not always as commonplace as you might think
  • Impressive five-year warranty protects you for longer than many manufacturers


  • It may not be the easiest sprinkler to use if you’re not sure which control knob does what!

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Best Sprinkler for Convenience:  Oasis Ahead Lawn Sprinkler K-200 With Long Range Pulsating Head For Up To 360 Degrees Watering Of Your Garden Including Water Shut Off Valve and Metal Weighted Base with Extra Sprinkler Head

Garden sprinklers should always be convenient.  This Oasis Ahead sprinkler works harder than most as it offers a fantastic shut-off valve.  This means you never have to go too far to switch between modes, nor should you have to do anything too complex or potentially damp to fix your settings.

The system offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to ease of choosing the perfect angle and spray settings.  It can supposedly cover up to 6,000 square feet of land, which makes it one of the longest sprayers on the market.


  • Unique shut-off valve lets you manage your spraying on the gardens and intensity without having to fiddle around with the tap
  • Huge coverage area of up to 6,000 square feet blows the competition out of the water
  • A garden sprinkler actually built for entertainment in summer, not just for water distribution


  • Some users claim that the build quality varies, your experience may differ
  • Some people prefer a little more precision from there lawn sprinkler

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Best for Even Water Spray:  Hozelock Round Sprinkler Pro 314m²

Hozelock rectangular is a name that many people recognise with gardening essentials such as a lawn sprinkler.  Their round sprinkler system is one of the most stable and robust in its line, and is billed as the ‘ultimate’ sprinkler for gardens.  While some sprinklers may offer variance in terms of water pressure and intensity, this Hozelock sprinkler works hard to offer even dispersal across the whole of a garden.

It is also impressively lightweight, meaning if you do need to move it around, you won’t ever strain yourself.  You should also have no problems pushing through water at various pressures, as the system is built to withstand all kinds of water intensity.


  • Unique design allows for even water pressure spray all-around a large garden
  • Built to evenly and accurately use water at all pressures thanks to unique motor design
  • Very lightweight, certainly lighter than most sprinklers of this quality on the market


  • Some users claim that there are more robust systems out there

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Best for Anti-Splash:  Kärcher Premium Oscillating Sprinkler – OS 5.320SV

This Karcher system is built to help gardeners with one of the biggest complaints they have – getting splashed and sprayed when trying to adjust their sprinklers.  This system has a unique splash guard, which means you can easily reposition it without having to get soaked in the process.

This sprinkler covers an impressive distance of up to 320m squared, making it a good buy if you need a fair amount of lawn and garden spraying.  It also has its own filter built-in, and it’s very stable thanks to unique ground pegs. It is an oscillating sprinkler, which means it will wave from side to side, giving your garden as even a coverage as possible.


  • Unique splashguard means you can adjust and move your sprinkler around the large garden
  • It is one of the easiest to connect to your hose, meaning that there should never be any struggle in getting going
  • Offers some of the best even coverage, water flow and water pressure


  • May be a little heavier than many sprinklers, not convenient for all users

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To Wrap It Up, My Personal Recommendation

All of the above sprinklers are fantastic for even coverage, water pressure, spray and dispersal across most garden sizes.  However, for my money, the most striking is the M PLUS model. Very few sprinklers, if any, look quite like this system.  It’s the most durable, robust, and is one of the most capable systems of its kind in similar value.

Sprinklers are fantastic for automating garden watering and can also be great fun to use during summer.  Take a look through our top picks and make sure to find a system that fits your needs and wants.



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