The Best Kitchen Bin in 2021 – 5 Stylish & Modern Waste Types

If you are in a dash, or don’t want to read all the reviews about which is the best kitchen bin then based on price, features and overall value, we recommend the Simplehuman Rectangular Pedal Bin as the best buy this year.

Choosing a new stylish kitchen bin seems like one of the easiest tasks until you realise how many new features and designs there are. To help your search and spend your money wisely we’ve had a look at literally dozens of cool kitchens bins narrowed it down to five of the best kitchen bins we’d actually consider choosing ourselves.

In this article, we are reviewing the following kitchen bins

What to Look for When Choosing a Kitchen Bin

Size Matters

One of the most important points is the bin’s size. It’s no good opting for kitchen bins that can take up to a fortnight’s rubbish if it dominates the entire kitchen leaving you no space to move around it.

Most of the kitchens I’ve refurbished lately have been fairly small, so a bin that’s compact and easy to move out of the way is probably the best buy.

Capacity – How Much Rubbish is Too Much?

The best modern and stylish bins can contain various amounts from three litres up to around fifty litres. Remember to match the bin’s size to your lifestyle.

Even an average family like mine with two kids gets through an enormous amount of rubbish in a day. We find that around thirty litres is okay but anyone with half a dozen kids is going to need a larger capacity. Someone who lives alone (don’t tempt me!) should find ten litres more than adequate.

Weight – Is It Easy To Move?

A tricky one this. Bins for the kitchen need to be light enough for you to move it wherever you want. But as we know, kitchens can be as busy as Euston Station, especially in the morning stampede for breakfast. A bin that’s too flimsy can be knocked over in a flash, causing more work just when you need it least.

If it has a sturdy construction it should stay upright when you collide with it. Most of the best bin manufactures have this covered.

How Often do You Want to Empty Your Bin?

Your kitchen bin needs to be emptied into your outdoor wheelie bin on a regular basis. Let’s face it, bin emptying is a chore at best which I have to confess I usually leave to the wife.

However, choose a small kitchen bin for your family’s requirements and you could be emptying it every couple of hours. This in itself makes the bin fairly obsolete. Aim for a size that needs emptying once at the end of the day.

Will My Bin Smell?

I’ve been in kitchens where the bin is large enough to take a week’s food waste. Believe me, you can smell how unpleasant it is as soon as you enter the room.

It’s certainly enough to put you off eating there, I can tell you! Kitchens aren’t the right environment for air fresheners as they can taint food depending on where you place them.

We find it best to empty the bin regularly and wash it with warm, soapy water once a week. And if the bin’s easy to get into that’s even better.

Inner Bucket versus Plastic Bin Liner

It helps to keep your kitchen bin in tip-top condition if you have a plastic bucket or a removable plastic liner inside.

But which one works best?

Both will do a good job keeping rubbish away from the main body of the bin. However, a black bin bag can sometimes easily be ripped by sharp packaging. And there’s the expense of buying replacements. While bin liners are convenient to tie up, there is the problem of adding yet more plastic to landfill sites.

An inner bucket keeps everything, including liquids, contained. It’s also easy to clean and is reusable. As the kitchen bin reviews below show, this should be a big factor in your choice.

Recycling Compartments

I’m trying hard to do my best for conservation by recycling plastic packaging, glass jars and tin cans. All our vegetable peelings go straight on the compost heap or I simply dig them into a hole in the flower borders.

Choosing a kitchen bin with separate compartments helps you to sort your rubbish as you use it rather than having the messy, time-consuming task of re-sorting it later. Some recycling bins are fairly large but there are some compact versions available.

However, the success of a compartment recycling bin depends on how successful you are at training your brood to use it properly.

A kitchen bin is in constant use when you are cooking dinner so the less you have to touch it the better. Some have in-built sensors that open as soon as you are near them, which is annoying if you are only walking past.

Hands-Free Operation

If you opt for a pedal control bin they are ideal for opening the lid without you touching it but they do have a reputation of breaking easily. Look for one that’s sturdy. A touch-sensitive bin is okay, but you do need to prod it to open it.

Price – Costs Are Important

The price should not be the deciding factor when trying to work out what’s the best kitchen bin. Usability should play a big part, having a bin that annoys you daily is one of the worst feelings as most family members will testify.

Costs will vary depending on what you want, a modern ultra-slim kitchen with a motion sensor and smart odour filter will set you back more than a boring and ordinary pedal model, even if it’s the best pedal bin, it won’t have a compartment for this and a compartment for that. Decide on the things you would love the bin to have then look at prices.

Product Reviews & Buyers Guide

Simplehuman Rectangular Pedal Bin, 38 Litre

As one of the best kitchen bin options, this takes a whopping forty-six litres of rubbish which should be enough for the busiest households. There’s even a coating to prevent it from getting covered in fingerprints.

A feature I particularly like is the slip-proof base although at ten kilograms it’s not likely to move too far even when you collide with it. And that could be often unless your kitchen’s big. I think the recessed handle at the back useful for pulling it into position.

The lid has Shox technology which somehow uses air pressure to open and close the lid. We read it performed this function as smoothly and quietly as the manufacturer claims. The foot pedal is often a weak link in this type of bin but buyers say this one seems sturdier than others they’ve tried. It’s supposed to withstand twenty hits a day for twenty years.

It’s a funny thought that we could still be using this bin when the kids have left home. Would it still look as modern and sleek!


  • Sturdy stainless steel body
  • Quality robust pedal
  • Smooth opening lid


  • Heavy to move

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Curver Metal Effect One Touch Deco Bin

This compact, cylindrical design is available in a great range of colours that should complement any décor. The bin is made of plastic which means it’s lightweight and won’t ever rust although when it’s only part full it can easily get knocked over. The exterior is fingerprint-proof and is very easy to clean.

The interior uses a plastic bin liner which you can keep nicely in place by threading it through the hinged hoop at the bin’s rim. Once you’ve overlapped it the hoop fits back inside the rim. It has to be neatly done otherwise it could prevent the lid from closing properly. The lid itself has a one-touch, flip-up mechanism.

Press down on the front of the lid and it opens, then close in the same way. After extensive research, we learned the lid didn’t always close the first time. It might take a while to adjust to the amount of pressure needed.


  • Compact, Stylish
  • Fingerprint resistant which is great for families
  • Generous capacity on this product


  • Awkward to fit liner
  • Doesn’t always close

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Mari Life Stainless Steel Recycling Bin

If you’re short of space this recycling bin is stacked instead of having the compartments side-by-side. This makes it a great space-saving bin but we found it could be a bit top-heavy at times.

The upper half is silver with a lid that opens through the pedal at the base. There’s an inner leak-proof bucket with a handle that you use to lift it out, which could be difficult when it’s full. The capacity in this section is eighteen litres which means you could end up emptying it twice a day. The lower half is sixteen litres and has a black, plastic, drop-forward opening.

When it comes to drinking pop our two kids are as greedy as gannets, so the lower section would fill up fast unless you squash them first (the bottles, not the kids!). Like most of the best bins, it’s made of stainless steel which is sturdy and should last for ages.


  • Dual-function
  • Sturdy & Simple to Use
  • Recycle with ease


  • The lower opening could be restrictive

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Simplehuman Slim-line Pedal Bin

This pedal bin is made of stainless steel which is rust-proof and is coated to resist fingerprints. It has plenty of room inside but thanks to its slim-line style you can easily slide it into any available space between your cupboards.

It’s solidly constructed but isn’t as heavy as some comparable models and should give years of service. It contains a handy plastic removable inner bucket you simply lift out and is really easy to keep clean. The bin comes with a ten-year guarantee but will the pedal last that long? We researched it and users who have owned this kitchen bin say it felt secure and that it did.

The lid uses the company’s same Shox technology as the previous bin reviewed. The lid opens and closes in one easy action and I like how it stays open for long enough to allow plenty of time to scrape the leftovers from my plate without having to rush.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Lid stays open
  • Strong foot pedal
  • Large capacity
  • Removable inner bucket


  • Relatively deep measurement

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Brabantia Pedal Bin NewIcon with Plastic Inner Bucket

A Brabantia model is always a front runner for the best kitchen bin, have been making kitchen equipment for more than a hundred years so they should know a thing or two about food bins.

This one comes in a range of fifteen colours from red and moss green to yellow and silver. Strangely, there’s no blue, otherwise, there’s something for every colour scheme. There are several convenient sizes available to suit all households.

The lid has a soft-closing mechanism that’s operated by the foot pedal. After reading extensively I think it needs a fair bit of pressure to work properly. However, this bin is ideal if you don’t want your dog opening it to raid the contents.

Inside is a leak-proof plastic bucket and beneath the base, there’s a ring designed to protect the floor. In addition, whenever you buy one of these bins Brabantia will make a donation to the Ocean CleanUp Project which aims to keep the seas clear of plastic which we love.


  • Great colours
  • Convenient sizes
  • Soft-close lid


  • The pedal can be a bit stiff
  • My kitchen’s blue

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Conclusion & Our Choice

And the winner is of the best kitchen bin in 2021… Simplehuman Slimline Kitchen Bin. I’ve gone for this choice because it’s so versatile and compact. We can place it at the end of the kitchen units where it’s really useful but out of the way and can’t be knocked over.

It’s got a great lid opening action that’s smooth and silent through the use of Shox technology. The way the lid can stay open for longer is definitely an advantage. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve gone to put something in a bin only for the lid to close too quickly and the trash has ended up bouncing off the top.

I think a bin made of stainless steel is easier to clean and a much better investment over plastic. It won’t crack or warp and it should last for years and if it ever wears out it can be recycled. With a ten year warranty the foot pedal has got to be reliable and I think it does seems to live up to expectations when comparing it to the others that are abit limited.

And with a fingerprint-proof coating it should keep its good looks, a bit like yours truly, for the years ahead.

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