The Best Knife Sharpener in 2021 – 5 Kits & Tools That Sharpen Easily

If you are in a dash or don’t want to read all the reviews about which is the best knife sharpener then based on safety, price and features we recommend the iToncs’ three-stage system knife sharpener as the best buy this year.

Kitchen knives are built to serve a pretty obvious purpose.  But what happens when they get dull or start losing their edge?  It’s probably not cost-effective to go out and buy a new set of knives every month or so!

That’s why so many people choose to invest in knife sharpeners.  Knife sharpeners are often great investments as they are affordable, lightweight, and very quick to use. 

When you need to sharpen up a kitchen knife for cutting meat or vegetables on the go, you can now quickly put your blades through a sharpening system to regain that cutting edge.

But what should you be looking for from the best kitchen knife sharpener in 2021?  Surely they all do the same thing?  You’d be surprised!  Here’s our buying guide to the best sharpening kits available in the UK right now, as well as our picks of the best on the market.

In this article, were going to review the following kitchen knife sharpeners:

What Should You Look for in a Good Knife Sharpener?

If it’s your first time buying a knife sharpener, you really will be forgiven for just looking at the basics.  However, you’re not just going to want a tool which is affordable, and which gets you great results quickly.  Here’s our pick of what you should be looking for when shopping around.

What Type of Knife Sharpener Should I Buy?

The main types of knife sharpener available in the UK are manual, whetstone, waterstone and electric. With a manual sharpener, you gradually cut into your knife through a groove or notch. 

This helps to create a whole new edge. Some people may argue that electric sharpeners are easier to use.  That’s because they have a rotating wheel or stone which you can place your knives against for automated sharpening. This is often very quick and easy to do, though your experience may vary from model to model.

Meanwhile, other knife users may prefer a whetstone.  These are a little more natural in design and functionality than the above, as you simply sharpen your knives on a rugged piece of stone.  This doesn’t cut new edges into the knife but hones your existing blade.

However, this type of sharpening is sometimes less efficient than manual or an electric knife sharpener.

Otherwise, you can also use steel rods, which you can use to straighten blades and knives with care. These options may be preferable if your knives are fairly expensive. This option also produces very quick results.

How Much Do Knife Sharpeners Cost?

The cheapest knife sharpeners in 2021 can cost very little, while some may expect you to pay more than you’d expect.  The more you pay, the more features and greater efficiency you can expect. However, this doesn’t always follow.

Should I Think About Size and Shape?

Yes – if your sharpener is too bulky or too cumbersome, it will be difficult for you to store or to move around.  Therefore, be sure to look for a model which is lightweight enough to be carried around, and which isn’t going to be awkward storing in any of your cupboards or draws.

What Does Knife Sharpener ‘Grit’ Mean?

All quality knife sharpeners are graded in terms of their ‘grit’, or how intensive a sharpener will score down into the metal when honing steel.  These receive grading of ‘fine’, ‘medium’ and ‘coarse’, with ‘coarse’ taking the most metal off. 

The higher the grit level (which goes up in thousands), the better a sharpener is for refining.  A coarse sharpener is ideal for knives which are overdue sharpening, or those which are damaged.

How Quickly Can Knives Be Sharpened?

Most knife sharpeners will produce great results in a few minutes.  However, the speed of refining or cutting can vary from model to model. Speed is something you will likely need to pay a little extra for if itis important to you. 

However, don’t worry too much, as most sharpeners are built for efficiency! You can usually sharpen the knife blade just before you are about to prep the food.

How Long Do Knife Sharpeners Last For?

The best sharpeners will endure years of use.  However, this is something you are going to need to trust verified knife sharpener reviews on!  Many professional brands and manufacturers will tell you that you are guaranteed years and years of sharpening.  However, it can really depend on how often you handle it! 

Supplied warranties are often a good place to start gauging for this. The longer the guarantee usually indicates the products have been tested and the material is robust.

Product Reviews & Buyers Guide

We’ve taken the time to look carefully at a variety of knife sharpeners which are popular with kitchen owners across the UK. 

We make sure to take into account product quality, ease of use, price and overall performance.  Therefore, you know you’re looking at a list of the very best family gadgets!

iToncs 3-Stage Manual Sharpening Tool

iToncs’s landmark sharpener has seen some upgrades over the years, and their latest refinement is catching on with kitchen users.  It offers three stages of sharpening, meaning that if you need multiple grit levels for your blades, this should cover all bases. 

It can be used for a variety of different blades and implements, too. What’s especially interesting about this tool is the warranty.  Not only does it offer quick, versatile sharpening, but it also has lifetime protection.


  • Very affordable, and great value for the price
  • Multiple sharpening modes which you can use at once
  • It’s very speedy at sharpening on all levels
  • It boasts a lifetime warranty
  •  It is very versatile


  • Maybe a name you haven’t heard of (this is necessarily a con)
  • There are not many verified buyer reviews online for the latest model

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AnySharp Knife Sharpener with PowerGrip

Nice and simple to look at and to use, the AnySharp standard is referred to as ‘the world’s best knife sharpener’.  That’s up for debate, but it’s certainly inthe top five.  Astoundingly cheap.

RRP, it’s certainly the ‘budget’ option for the best knife sharpening system. It can be used one-handed and is said to cope with various types, even those serrated knives.  Again, it arrives with a warranty of two years, and it’s reportedly very easy to get to grips with.  You should be able to get great results in a matter of minutes.  Is it the best knife sharpener in 2021?  It’s up there with the best.


  • It’s very affordable
  • It’s extremely easy to use, even with one hand
  • It has safety built into its design, meaning it’s perfect for novice sharpeners
  • It is reasonably quick at sharpening a variety of knives and types


  • Some may find the look of the design to be a little cheesy or unrefined
  • Various users suggest, again, that stone sharpening may offer greater results

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Wusthof Hanging Sharpening Steel with Black Base

This sharpening steel continues to pick up great reviews online, and for a very good reason. It is extremely speedy at honing steel blades of various shapes and sizes, as well as types. What’s more, it is a very good choice for novice sharpeners.

It is not too big an investment, which means many a budding chef will see it as something of a bargain.  However, steel sharpeners aren’t to everyone’s tastes – though we dare suggest this model could well change your mind.


  • Produces very quick results for a variety of knives and blades
  • Results are often very impressive
  • Very easy to use for beginners


  • It will only cater to blades shorter than 26cm, any longer will need a different system

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SHAN ZU Knife Sharpening Stone

Sharpening stones are preferred by many people, though they can be a little expensive.  SHAN ZU’s latest stone is very well-received online and offers anti-skidding technology for added safety and precision. 

It’s extremely versatile and will give great results across a variety of blades and kitchen tools. There is a warranty of 12 months available, though many will argue that a whetstone is less likely to face problems than manual or electric sharpeners.  It also looks fantastic – and delivers great results within a short space of time.


  • Extremely durable and great for long-lasting, sharp edge results
  • Versatile with several blades and tools
  • Double-sided for fine and coarse sharpening
  • Trusted by many people online


  • Has a shorter warranty than most sharpeners
  • Is a little more expensive than others on our list

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VonShef Two Stage Knife Sharpener with Screwdriver Sharpening Port

VonShef is a reliable manufacturer of various kitchen products. Therefore, you’re naturally looking at a system which is durable and easy to use.  The main selling points of this knife sharpener lie in its dual-sharpening mode, which allows you to hone two blades at once. 

What’s more, you can flip them over to sharpen or refine both sides. There’s another plus point in the scissor and screwdriver sharpening ports, too. It generally arrives with a warranty of two years, which means you’re likely to get a fair amount of use. 


  •  Sharpens two knives at once with dual sharpening slots
  •  Extremely affordable
  • It has a compact, pleasing design
  • There is added functionality which lets you sharpen other tools
  • Warranty coverage is good, too


  • Some users may find manual or whetstone sharpening a little more effective
  • May be a little nosy compared to other sharpening tools and methods

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Final Thoughts

To summarise, let’s consider which of our picks in the best knife sharpener in the UK.  It’s a tricky choice, but iToncs’ three-stage system ticks the most boxes. 

It may not be a brand that everyone is familiar with, certainly not as well known as some of the big Japanese knives but this product is well-loved in previous versions and it carries a very little monetary risk – especially as there is a lifetime warranty offered as standard!

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