Log Store Reviews: 5 Great Outdoor Storage Solutions To Keep Wood Dry

If you are in a dash, or don’t want to read all the reviews about which is the best Outdoor Storage then based on safety, price and features we recommend The Garden Supplies Centre Extra Large Log Store as the best buy this year.

There are many great ways to heat up your home. One of the best, of course, is to invest in your own log-burner or traditional fireplace! Rather than having to funnel gas into your fireplace and waste hundreds of pounds on energy bills, you could just throw in a few logs occasionally and let them spark up. However, you’re going to need somewhere to keep all your logs, especially if you’re cutting them up outside.

One of the best ways to keep your logs safe is to store them in – you guessed it – a log store. However, there is actually plenty of choice out there. If you’re already looking at log stores online, you’ll probably know that you can buy some which will fit inside your living room, and others which will go outside. External log stores are great when you’re chopping up stacks of wood and you need somewhere weatherproof to keep it all.

But what about ease of access? Ease of assembly? Quality of construction? These are all things you’re going to need to keep in mind while you shop around. Therefore, we’ve taken the time to narrow down a few of the best log stores available online.

In this article, we are going to review the following log stores:

What to Look For in a Good Log Store

As mentioned, the type of log store you buy is probably going to vary depending on what you need. Therefore, let’s break this down into a few easy sections before comparing a few of the best products online.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

The best log stores, many will argue, are those which you can set up in the garden. This means it’s easy for you to throw any logs you chop into a free-standing shed or unit. However, many people prefer to store their logs inside the house. You may well come across log stores that are small and neat, and which will stand next to your fireplace. A lot of the time, these are ornamental, but they’re pretty handy, too. It’ll save you from having to go outside every five minutes for more logs.

Solid Material

If you do buy an outdoor log store, you’ll need one that’s built in pressure-treated timber. At least, that’s going to be your best option. You can buy some log stores in metal. However, pressure-treated timber both looks great and withstands years of use in all weathers. Therefore, that might be enough to sway you in the long run. Good pressure-treated wood will likely last a good decade or so.

Simple Construction

Again, sticking with outdoor log stores, focus on ease of building and use. Many log stores come ready-built. This is naturally going to be an appealing prospect to many garden owners! However, to get the best value, you’re probably going to need to look at an assembly-needed store. This isn’t always a bad thing. If you have someone who can help put a log store together with you, it’s probably good value to stick to DIY.

Good Size and Capacity

Of course, this will be a big point to consider. How much space do you need? How big is your garden? How big are your logs? Always try to look for log stores that give you more than enough space. This way, you can always prepare for if you have more wood than you expect. It’s always better to have more room than to run out.

Impressive Inner Design

A log store should ideally be more than a glorified shed. A good store will ensure that there is no chance of wood and logs getting wet. This means it should have a large, intuitive roof design, and there shouldn’t be any reason for logs to be close to ground level. Even when they’re fully covered, logs can spoil and rot if you put them too close to the dirt. Why risk it? Therefore, always look carefully at how a log store is designed, and whether or not it is actually going to help you.

Product Reviews & Buyers Guide – What is the Best Log Store in 2021?

So – it’s time to take a look at the best log stores 2021 has to offer. What are people buying in the here and now? We’ve taken a look at a few different types and styles based on what people are searching for the most.

Best Extra Large Log Store: The Garden Supplies Centre Extra Large Log Store, Pressure Treated

There’s heavy-duty, then there’s massive. This sizeable log store from The Garden Supplies Centre will store logs up to 2m cubed – that’s a lot of space. As with the unit above, you benefit from 3×3 posts and heavy-duty framing, meaning even the worst winds won’t set this moving. The wood, again, is pressure-treated, which means it should stand the test of time.

You’ll need to put this together, but you probably won’t find it too much of a pain to arrange. Raised base and slatted wood also help to cut down on damp and moisture.


  • One of the biggest online, with 2 metres cubed in log storage space.
  • Big enough to store tons of logs but won’t take up too much garden space.
  • Super heavy-duty, meaning it won’t blow over in a breeze.


  • Some assembly is required.

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Best Log Store for Inside the House: Metal Wood Log Storage Carrier Stove Fireside Accessory Log Store

Let’s start with an indoor log store. Unlike the other choices in our list, this store is more of an ornamental fireside piece, so it’s unfair to compare directly. However, it’s worth mentioning its best features!
It’s slimline, it’s fairly lightweight, and it’ll appeal to anyone who has a stack of logs but doesn’t want to clutter up the look of their living room. Dimensions of 22cm deep and around 60cm mean that it shouldn’t stick out too much. It’s also very easy to fill and pick from as and when you need to.


  • Small, tidy, and built with a minimalist theme. Perfect for all lounge designs.
  • Open frame means logs are easy to stack and easy to pick from.
  • Upper handle will allow you to carry your logs and store around with ease.


  • Might not be big enough for many people depending on their log needs.

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Best Heavy Duty Log Store: Cottesmore High Wooden Log Store/Garden Storage – Heavy Duty With Pressure Treated Wood (4ft Solid Sides, Light Green)

One of the best things to look for in a log store in, naturally, something sturdy. This Cottesmore log storage system is an outdoor tidy, allowing you to store logs you chop up in a store of up to 4ft high. You benefit from treated wood, meaning it should last a fair amount of time in the unpredictable British weather. It’s got a raised floor and plenty of ventilation to protect against dampness and moisture.

You might also want to use this log store for other garden tools, particularly as it’s likely to be free from any kind of water ingress. It’s a system you will need to apply some DIY to, but generally, it should be a good all-around choice.


  • Super heavy-duty construction with 3×3 posts for the perfect defence against wind, rain and other weather
  • It’s built from wood that’s sustainable, approved by the FSC.
  • The fixings and features are treated against corrosion, meaning even the metal hinges will withstand years of weather.


  • Will require some assembly, and it’s a very heavy unit to set up on your own!

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Best Ready Built Log Store: Arch Shaped Wood/Log/Garden Store – Delivered Fully Assembled

It’s actually rare you’ll find a ready-built log store. However, they are well worth looking into the moment you see one pop up! The Rustic Log Store Company presents this stylish-looking arch log store, which is pressure-treated and comes with a natural finish. It’s likely to be a great fit for any modern garden in need of a small to medium log store.

Even better is the fact that you won’t have to keep treating the wood. It’s built and coated to withstand anything mother nature throws at it, meaning you should be more than safe to store your logs here all year round.


  • Comes ready-built – absolutely no assembly required.
  • You won’t have to treat this again, as its one coat should protect it throughout its lifespan.
  • A unique style and look built into an arch to look great in most modern gardens.


  • May not hold as many logs as others listed in this guide so far.

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Best Value Log Store: Rowlinson Small Log Store Pressure Treated Wood

If you really want to look for the best value log store, this Rowlinson model is probably going to help. It’s not the biggest store on the block, but it is the smallest in a wider range that the manufacturer offers. You can also buy large and narrow stores in a similar style.

The natural timber is pressure-treated, which means, again, you can safely leave your logs here out in the open. There’s also a small shelf for kindling and other pieces of wood you might want to store.


  • Very easy to set up and will look neat in any garden space.
  • Part of a larger range if you want to upgrade.
  • Great value for everyday log storage.


  • The floor platform may not be raised enough for some people’s tastes.

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To Wrap It Up, My Personal Recommendation

My choice of the above log stores has to be that offered by The Garden Supplies Centre. It’s more than big enough for most everyday log storage, and what’s more, it offers all the ventilation and moisture control you need. It also shouldn’t be too hard to set up if you have someone to hand who can help!

Investing in a log store is a great idea if you’re going to burn stacks of wood! Consider our options above and do compare and contrast the best options online.


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