Petrol Leaf Blower Reviews: 5 of the Best UK Garden Vacuums for 2021

If you are in a dash, or don’t want to read all the reviews about which is the best petrol leaf blower then based on safety, price and features we recommend AOSOME BV3405 3 in 1 Leaf Blower as the best buy this year.

We all need to get rid of a bit of garden debris from time to time.  Some of the peskiest pieces of garden waste are fallen or dead leaves.  You can buy lawnmowers which will shred up and collect leaves for you, but it is not always a given.  Therefore, more often than not, you are going to need to invest in a completely different piece of kit.

However, leaf blowers are often very easy to come by, and what’s more, they are becoming more and more affordable.  Blowers come in a variety of styles and forms, which means it makes sense to keep a close eye out for some of the leading brands and most unique options.

If you are looking to buy a leaf blower for the first time, you might consider a petrol option.  You can buy electric leaf blowers, however, many people prefer to use fuel standards for a variety of reasons.  Blowing leaves away never felt so good – and who knows, you might have a lot of fun getting your garden and driveway clear at the same time.

In this article, we are going to review the following petrol leaf blowers:

The Key Benefits to Buying a Petrol Leaf Blower

They are Easy to Manoeuvre

One of the main reasons why people buy petrol leaf blowers is the fact that you don’t have a cord.  Electric leaf blowers may run for as long as you need them to, however, you are always going to feel strangled or restricted for as long as you are plugged into the mains.  With a petrol system, you are at least free to move around as much as you like. However, you should look carefully at weight and build of these systems, as some can be very heavy indeed!

They are Very Powerful

Compared to other types of leaf blower, petrol blowers offer a ton more power per minute.  This means, if you are struggling to clear debris up and away with an electric tool, it may be time for you to invest in something a little meatier.  Petrol leaf blowers will differ in terms of heft and power, but you will always get a bit more push for your pound with a fuel system

They Are Diverse

You can buy petrol leaf blowers which do a wide variety of things.  Petrol blowers will also arrive in a variety of shapes and forms. You can buy some to fit to your back, while others are lightweight enough for you to carry around for long periods by hand.  Beyond this, you can even buy some leaf blowers which suck, too. This means you get a dual garden vacuum and blower for the price of one.

Product Reviews & Buyers Guide – What is the Best Petrol Leaf Blower in 2021?

There are plenty of good reasons to buy an electric leaf blower, however, there are also tons of great reasons to go for a petrol alternative.  Here are our five picks for the best petrol leaf blowers on the market right now.

Best Multi-Function Option:  AOSOME BV3405 3 in 1 Leaf Blower – 25.4cc Garden Vacuum & Mulcher Shredder – with Harness Strap, 60L Collection Bag, 12:1 Shreddering Ratio, 2-Stroke Petrol Engine, Lightweight

AOSOME’s multi-function blower is one of the most impressive on the market if only for its various attachments and accessories.  You get a 25cc engine which triples as a vacuum and a shredder for mulch. It offers a 2-stroke engine, making it safe and efficient.  It is also one of the more lightweight and visually appealing systems on the market.

You can strap it to your shoulders easily during use, and many people will find the adjustable air speed to be a nice touch.  Few leaf blowers and vacuums are quite as flexible.


  • Get access to a blower, vacuum and shredder in one for the price of a single unit
  • Useful in a variety of weather conditions, making it a good all-rounder on the market
  • It offers 60 litres of collection volume, which is more than you might find on the wider market


  • It is not the most powerful on the market
  • Some people may find shoulder straps uncomfortable

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Best for Comfort:  Mcculloch GB355BP Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower, 46 cc

This Mcculloch leaf blower not only makes sure to get everything up and out of the way, but also offers incredible comfort.  It is a leading backpack blower, which benefits from ergonomic design, meaning it should comfortably fit to your back, lowering fatigue.  It has an engine with variable speeds, and 46cc power, making it a powerhouse.

Its engine is easy to access when you need to, and you can store just over two litres of fuel at any one time.  Benefit from 355 kph, too, making it one of the fastest blowers in its line.


  • Ergonomic comfort is unique to the design of its very specific backpack
  • Unique, easy trigger system is comfortable to use and always easy to control
  • It’s very convenient to use and access, with easy backpack openings and cruise control functionality


  • It may not be the most affordable based on RRP
  • It offers no functionality beyond blowing

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Best Value:  Kenley glb-30c Garden Petrol Leaf Blower Backpack

This petrol leaf blower gets plenty of interest as it is often very well-priced. You can blow leaves away at up to a staggering 450kph, which makes it one of the most powerful, fastest blowers on the market – full stop.

Using both regular and unleaded fuels, it is one of the most flexible leaf blowers available.  As it fits to your back, you won’t have to keep crouching or bending to keep it operational. There is very little fatigue, if at all.  It is one of the lightest petrol blowers to carry on your back.


  • Few leaf blowers are as fast, making it a superb choice if you’re having trouble blowing leaves away!
  • Is often better value for money than others we have listed


  • Backstraps and backpack design may not be the most comfortable

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Best Powerhouse:  ParkerBrand 65cc Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower, Extremely Powerful – 210MPH (MK-II)

Billed as extremely powerful, a 65cc two-stroke engine will give you a lot of extra push when you want to get stubborn leaves up and moving at short notice.  It has a good speed and boasts an on-board fuel mix bottle. It offers ergonomic design in its backpack, making it another good choice if you suffer with fatigue on a regular basis.

It is also one of the easiest systems to maintain and clean, mainly thanks to the fact that you get a tool maintenance kit included in the bag.  Few leaf blowers expect you to be so prepared – making it a great choice for beginners, or at least those who have never bought their own blower before.


  • Impressively powerful – 65cc offers some of the most force you’ll find online
  • Comes with complete maintenance kit if you need to clean and unclog your machine
  • One of the most efficient, compact designs on the market, with all piping included


  • Reviews state it only offers one function so you may need to check
  • Some users differ on opinion regarding build quality

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Best Blower for The Environment:  Makita BHX2501 24.5 cc 4-Stroke Petrol Handheld Leaf Blower

If you are interested in the perks of a petrol leaf blower but are conscious of the environment, then Makita’s leaf blower might be the best choice for you.  This system offers a 4-stroke engine at 24.5cc, making it very energy-efficient with fewer emissions.

Unlike many leaf blowers, this system also breaks down into two parts, meaning that it’s one of the easiest to store.  At just over 4kg, it is also one of the lightest in its line. The manufacturer states that it is also one of the quietest leaf blowers around, making it a good choice for the sensitive gardener.


  • Very energy efficient with a four-stroke petrol engine at 24.5cc
  • One of the lightest leaf blowers around, extremely easy to carry at 4.4kg
  • One of the easiest blowers to refuel with thanks to unique opening design


  • Has a smaller fuel capacity than most leaf blowers
  • Marketing is not too clear on speeds – your experience may vary

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To Wrap It Up, My Personal Recommendation

My personal pick is always going to be the AOSOME model.  While it may not be the most powerful, the fact you get three great tools for the price of one, and that it is so easy to use and to collect leaves with, it is clearly the winner of the bunch.

However, your leaf blower needs may vary!  Take a look at the models we’ve listed here, and make sure to compare and contrast – find a multi-function tool if you need it, but for sheer power of blowing, you should be spoilt for choice.

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