The Best Rug Grippers in 2021 (Anti Slip & Curling)

If you are in a dash or don’t want to read all the reviews about which is the best Rug Grippers then based on safety, price and features we recommend the Sinnlein® Anti Slip Rug Gripper Underlay as the best buy this year.

Rugs do a lot for a room.  Even if you already have a simple carpet in place, a stylish rug can do a lot to add a little more style, or a nice touch on top of a simple colour.  But how do you keep them in place? Rather than just putting furniture on top of rugs to keep them in place, many people search for the best rug gripper for carpet UK homes and families rely on.  But what is a rug gripper?

Rug grippers, as the name suggests, help to grip rugs to your carpet.  You can buy rug gripper for flooring of all thicknesses and styles. However, whether you choose rug corner grips or otherwise, there are still going to be a few things that you need to compare and contrast.  What is the best rug gripper for carpet use in the UK right now?

If you’re unsure what you should be looking for in a rug to carpet gripper, don’t worry.  Not all products will be the same, and we’ve made sure to test some of the best choices online right now.

In this article, we are going to review the following rug grippers:

What to Look For in a Good Rug to Carpet Gripper

Ok – so it’s your first time buying a grip for your rug.  Surely it’s a case of just buying the first product you see?  You might think it’s that simple, but let’s face it – there’s a reason why there is so much choice on the market right now.  Here are the main factors you need to look for when buying rug grippers.

Ease of Use

No one wants to buy rug grip tape that’s fiddly and flimsy.  You’re going to need gripping technology that’s easy to stick on, and tough to wear down.  Nearly all gripping manufacturers will tell you that their products are the easiest to use.  Therefore, you should take a closer look at what verified buyers have to say, and check out a few video reviews, too, if you can.  These will help you to see whether or not specific grips are going to be the best choice for you and your rugs.


Again, what’s the point in buying rug grippers if they’re only going to wear out quickly?  You’ll need to buy a gripper that’s going to ensure stability for months, even years to come.  While rug grips are cheap at the point of sale on the whole, that’s no excuse for poor quality manufacture.  Look, again, at what verified buyers are saying. If you can find a brand you recognise, this is also going to be a good measure of whether or not a product will support you long term.


One element that separates most carpet to rug grippers is sizing.  That’s because, as you can imagine, rugs come in different sizes and shapes!  Therefore, you need to be careful to measure your rug before you buy. If you don’t, you’re going to end up with grips that simply don’t fit the bill.  You want stability, not occasional grip and the odd slide.


Where do you need to fix your rug to?  Are you gripping a thick pile carpet? What about a bathroom or kitchen space?  Choose a rug gripper that’s going to be versatile to your needs. You may find that some grips work well on all surfaces.  Others, meanwhile, tend to be specialised. Be discerning and do make sure you compare!

Product Reviews & Buyers Guide – What is the Best Rug Gripper in 2021?

Again, it’s easy to assume that rug grippers all do the same job.  However, you should really take your time to look for an option that suits your budget, your long-term needs, and your own comfort.  Here are our five top picks from the web you can buy right now.

Best Carpet Underlay:  Sinnlein® Anti Slip Rug Gripper Underlay

Sinnlein’s underlay system, unlike the Rugs & Stuff option above, works brilliantly on most surfaces.  In six different size options, it’s also likely to be one of the most versatile rug grippers you can buy.  It’s designed to be an anti-slip mat, and rather than just applying a few strips of tape or stoppers to your rug, you can cover the whole of its underside.

It’s easy to cut and is perfect for carpets, hard flooring and lino alike.  Therefore, it’s likely to be a great choice for anyone with plenty of rugs to affix!


  • This underlay system can be cut to size, making it extremely versatile.  It covers the whole of your rug backing.
  • It leaves no marks or scuffs as there is no glue used in its manufacture.
  • Compared to other rug gripper underlay, this system is great for use on carpets, hard flooring and more.


  • May not be the cheapest option on the market!

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Best All-Around Gripper System:  Rug Gripper for Wooden Floors, 10pcs Anti Curling

Kakoro’s rug grippers come in ten pieces, meaning that you have more than a few pieces of tape to help secure those nuisance rug corners.  The manufacturer states that their tape is stickier than any other. That, supposedly, is thanks to the way they are made. They have central padding, meaning that they are designed to withstand heavy use for longer.

These grippers are also ideal for multiple purposes.  Thin strips are easy to cut and apply to edges and corners.  What’s more, they should also be very easy to clean.


  • Ten pieces will be more than enough to secure a couple of rugs right away.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain with a splash of water.
  • Central padding should allow for greater grip compared to other systems.


  • You may be able to get more for your money from other manufacturers.

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Best Long-Term Grippers:  Lifelf 12 PCS Rug Grippers for Hard Floors

Lifelf’s 12-piece gripper system is great if you want to secure rugs to your carpets without leaving a mark.  The manufacturer has developed a system which allows you to easily lift up rug edges and corners if you ever change your mind.  What’s more, they should be very easy for you to clean and maintain. 12 pieces should also be plenty for the average household.

This rug to carpet gripper system also benefits from being multi-purpose.  For soft furnishings and hard floors, you should be able to secure most rugs to most surfaces with a Lifelf sticker.


  • Lots of grippers and stickers per bundle.
  • Easier to remove and clean than many other grippers, just heat for a few minutes and peel.
  • 3MM thickness means rugs can stay even and stable providing you apply them evenly.


  • Lifelf is a brand that not many people may be aware of.

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Best Hardwood Gripper:  Rugs & Stuff Rug Anti Slip Rug Gripper Underlay for Hard Floors

If you prefer a full underlay system rather than tape and corners, Rugs & Stuff has a great option for hard flooring.  Available in a variety of sizes, this system is designed to help secure even the fluffiest of rugs to natural and manufactured hardwood flooring.

What also sets this choice apart from the rest is the reusability.  You won’t have to do much to peel and reapply the underlay to other rugs and floorings.  It’s not a rug to carpet gripper as such, but it’s great for shinier, slippier surfaces.


  • Perhaps the best specialist option for hardwood floors, specifically designed for solid gripping.
  • Other rug grippers need greater care for re-use – this system is very easy to peel off and reapply if you need to.
  • You can easily wash these grippers at 40 degrees in any machine.
  • You can even use this underlay in line with underfloor heating!


  • Only designed for hardwood floors, meaning it’s not the most versatile product.
  • May not be the best value product of its type.

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Best Reusable Rug Grippers:  ESEYE Rug Grippers, 12 PCS Reusable Anti Curling

This 12-piece package from ESEYE will appeal to anyone who may be looking for rug grippers that they can easily remove and reapply.  Unlike some cheap gripper options, these corner and edge grips will leave no staining or scratching. You can easily reapply the grips to your floor with a little water, and you can even wash them if you need to.

These grips will also be ideal if you are tired of seeing your rugs curl.  There are no chances of you seeing oil and glue left behind, and they are perfectly safe for use in large family homes with pets.


  • Washable grips allow for years of constant use.
  • It’s very easy to reapply these grips – just rinse them down and stick again.
  • These grips are also less likely to deform and warp than others on the market.


  • Again, ESEYE is a brand that many may not have heard of – they seem to operate purely online.

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To Wrap It Up, My Personal Recommendation

The most versatile rug gripper out of the above is always going to be the Sinnlein option.  It’s a broad underlay that’s going to fix well to most surfaces, and as you can cut it to size, it’s always going to be the best choice if you’re really unsure on the scope you need for your rugs.  However, do make sure you consider pricing – as it might not always be the cheapest option around!

Rug grippers are fantastic at making sure your home upholstery doesn’t slip, slide or curl.  Take a look at our top picks above but do be sure to see what genuine buyers have to say about some of the more popular choices. To see what we voted the best carpet underlay that’s here.

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