Edwardian Conservatory Prices in 2022

How Much Does a Edwardian Conservatory Cost?

Depending on the personalization levels you choose, prices may vary. Edwardian conservatory prices start out at around £10,000. Prices depend on the materials you use, what systems (cooling/ heating) you want to integrate, what floor type you choose and roof type (solid, tiled or made from a translucent material).

What is a Edwardian?

Are you looking to add extra living space to your home? Or, do you want to enjoy more natural light? Make an impression through minimalistic but prestigious design by adding an Edwardian Conservatory to your home. Edwardian style conservatories were fashionable when King Edward the 7th was in reign.

The Edwardian design appeared after the Victorian style and moves away from the latter’s ornate décor. It introduces a much simpler and linear-based appearance. The conservatory’s roof was hipped, and it had a small row of windows built into the top of the framing.

Fully Fitted Prices

For fully installed conservatory prices, you are going to pay more than a DIY job. This is simply down to the amount of professionals you will need to hire and the length of time it will take to complete the project.

Key features

  • Maximises the utilisation of available space
  • Often fantastic panoramic views of the garden
  • Simple design makes it more affordable than other models

Edwardian Detailed Review

Design Rating - Star Rating 5/5

The Edwardian Conservatory style has a modern and minimalistic look. It’s based on rectangular or square floor plans, which is great because it adds extra space to your home. The linear layout is excellent for both small building areas but also suits larger spaces and adds a modern touch to your home.

This style is easy to customize. You can insert decoration items like glazing bars in curved or straight design, cornices, moulds etc.

You can add an extra coating to the conservatory’s frame to reflect ultraviolet light and control the inside temperature. The extra coating will also protect your interior furniture from sunlight bleaching.

Use uPVC, aluminium or timber for the conservatory’s frame. Ask your builder to get you the best prices for single, double or triple glazing. Experts in the field always have a discount advantage in the market.

Create a balance between the conservatory’s exterior colour (single or dual) and your home. The flexibility of the Edwardian style is excellent if you love home design.

Play around with colours, materials but always consider functionality and safety.

The Edwardian conservatory has an extremely versatile roof and you can also automate it. The roof will then open during summer, so you can enjoy the fresher air and natural light.

The extra light will also do a lot of good to your plants.

Always consider the cleaning aspect when you’re deciding on what type of roof to install. You can choose between a solid but lightweight roof with slated tiles, a glass, timber or polycarbonate type roof.

A small or medium Edwardian conservatory will fit in French Doors perfectly or even bi-fold doors. They’ll add more prestige to the overall appearance.

The square or rectangular flooring can be insulated to maintain coolness or warmth depending on the weather outside.

Edwardian conservatory designs

Affordability - Star Rating 4/5

The smallest conservatory available is the Edwardian 3 x 3 meters model. The Edwardian conservatories widely range up to measurements of 4.5 x 4.5 meters. Experts recommend going with the 1:1:68 Golden ratio when deciding on the conservatory’s size.

You’re not allowed to exceed the exterior limits of your house’s walls by more than 3 feet and must allow 30 cm for wall thickness.

Everything is actually straightforward. You can keep costs down by employing a local builder instead of a famous company.

Planning & Regulations - Star Rating 5/5

Location, location, location… This is the primary factor to consider when you want to build your Edwardian conservatory or something similar to Edwardian orangeries.

Next thing to decide about is the size you’re aiming for.

Check with your local authorities to see if you need planning permissions to build and install your Edwardian conservatory. Often you will not need it to build your conservatory as adding one is considered to be a permitted development. Here are some conditions that need to be followed before you plan your style of conservatory:

– Three quarters of the roof and half of the new wall is made of translucent material;

– The interior floor area doesn’t exceed 30 square meters and the conservatory is built at ground level;

– Electrical equipment and exterior coating adhere to local requirements;

– Heating sources must be completely separate from the main house heating system;

– The conservatory has an external grade door thermally separating it from the main house.

Edwardian conservatory planning permission

Most conservatories don’t require planning permission because they are classed as a permitted development. There are still plenty of conditions though as stated above that you must follow in order for your conservatory to be legal.

DIY Edwardian Kits - Star Rating 4/5

Edwardian conservatories provide extra natural light, extra space and are great for summer afternoon relaxation or winter joy.

Edwardian conservatories are mostly used in commercial locations like bars, restaurants or hotels because of their popular design.

These conservatories are not only a good investment, but they also serve a full year functionality purpose. The complete DIY kits can make your ideal conservatory become a reality in no time.

Flexibility is the name of the game. You can choose whatever materials you want to use for the frame, roof, windows or doors.

Different types of properties come with pros and cons. A self build conservatory is no different, you will save a heap of money by not forking out for professionals to come in everyday. However, without any form of building knowledge, diy conservatories are not to be taken lightly and could end up costing you more in the long run.

Before you decide on the kit, make sure it includes the materials you prefer. After installing everything you can make additional adjustments.

Edwardian conservatory kits

Edwardian conservatory DIY kits include all the parts and pieces you need. The kits make it easy to set up your conservatory even if you’re a beginner. A self build is a great way for you to control the time frame of the project. If you wanted to add features along the way like underfloor heating with different windows and doors, you could do it when you like, instead of waiting for installers.

Roof Rating - Star Rating 5/5

There’s a wide range of options for roof materials.

The lowest cost choice is to use polycarbonate panels which are light and cheap. However, polycarbonate panels don’t allow climate control for the conservatory’s interior. They’re difficult to clean and not very attractive.

Another low-cost option for your roof is to use timber. Modern products incorporate engineered timber which is famous for offering increased stability and strength.

Glass conservatory roofs are higher in quality than polycarbonate. They provide heat insulation and help with temperature management. Sometimes they’re also self-cleaning.

A double-glazed glass Edwardian conservatory roof is the best choice, but it’s expensive.

Tiled roofs are the best at keeping out noise and allow full climate management. However, they do come at a higher price than polycarbonate or glass roofs.

The type of roof you choose can either enhance or decrease the quality of your Edwardian conservatory’s design.

I’d prefer a solid roof to avoid any glare issues and maintain good control over the temperature.

Glass Vs Tiled Roof

Glass roofs are more appealing to the eye and offer increased insulation. Prices for glass roofs range from £11,000 – £14,000.

The most expensive type of roof is the tiled style. However, the benefits it offers balance out the costs for you. It provides furniture protection, because it keeps out UV light, and guarantees complete climate and noise control. These roofs can cost up to £17,000.

Prices - Star Rating 3/5

Prices range from £10,000 up to £23,000.

Although traditional in design, Edwardian conservatories are very easy to customize. When calculating how much Edwardian conservatories and extensions can cost, consider these three metrics: size, building work, and roof type.

The roof is an important part of the cost and can be made from polycarbonate, timber, glass or tiles. A polycarbonate roof will cost between £10,000 – £13,000. (https://priceexperts.co.uk/conservatory-prices/edwardian/)

Size does matter. A conservatory can’t exceed 3 meters as an attached building or 4 meters for detached and its height is limited to 4 meters. The 3×3 conservatory price can start out at £10,000.

The building material you choose for the Edwardian conservatory is crucial to your price calculation. The conservatory can be developed on a traditional concrete base or a steel base. It can be built from the ground or on a dwarf wall. Building works can cost up to £3600, depending on the materials used (brick/ glass).

Conservatory cost per square foot

The cost of an Edwardian conservatory varies depending on the size and materials used. A conservatory which is about 3 x 3 will cost you on the low end about £10,000, whilst a larger structure will cost far more.


Georgian conservatory

The Edwardian style is similar to the Georgian conservatory due to its rectangular/ square shape. However, it differs through the simplicity of its design and lack of rich décor.

Lean to conservatory

Edwardian present similarities to Victorian conservatories and the Lean-to conservatories through classic and minimalist design making better use of space. The Lean-to conservatory roof leans into the main property. However, Edwardian conservatories have Apex type roofs, making them look quite different.

Should I Buy Edwardian Conservatory

Home improvements are made reguarly but not often do you spend so much time and money on a conservatory, so you want to know, is it worth it? In a nutshell, it’s a great multi-purpose annex to your home. The Edwardian conservatory improves the overall appearance of your house and offers an exquisite new-look to your property.

The Edwardian conservatory is great for adding more living room space to your home and you can use it as a relaxation room.

The rectangular/ square floor of the Edwardian conservatory offers optimized storage space. This conservatory style is versatile in functionality and can adapt to any use you require.

An Edwardian conservatory is the best transitional solution which unites your garden to your home. It brings the two together.

Add value to your property by building an Edwardian conservatory and you’ll benefit not only when living there but mostly when you put it up for sale.

You can never go wrong investing in property.

For more on conservatories it’s here.

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