The Best Hedge Trimmer To Cut, Shape, and Trim Bushes & Shrubs

If you are in a dash or don’t want to read all the reviews about which is the best hedge trimmer then based on safety, price and features we recommend the Ryobi cordless pole trimmer as the best buy this year.

There are few garden tools more useful than a good hedge trimmer.  Fantastic at helping you trim and edge some of the busiest shrubs and growths in the garden, top-rated hedge trimmers are great not only for – well – trimming hedges, but also for making sure you prune down nuisance shrubs, thicker branches and other greenery that’s likely to keep growing out of control.  

One of the best reasons to invest in a quality hedge trimmer now is, of course, the fact that there are so many great choices.  There is some fantastic good value technology out there online, meaning that most of you will probably be spoilt for choice.  However, it’s always a good idea to know what to look for.  Should you look for price first or functionality?  What about sharpness?

Don’t worry.  We’ve gone to the effort of finding the best choices available for you to buy online right now.  Save yourself some time with those shears and pruners and find the best hedge trimmers for your money from some of the best brands in garden tools.

In this article, we are going to review the following best hedge trimmers:

What to Look For in a Good Hedge Trimmer

Power and Force

Some of the electric hedge trimmers around are extremely powerful but still convenient to use.  This means you should look at the wattage on each electric hedge trimmer model while you are shopping around.  It’s something we considered in a big way while compiling our buying guide.  The more power you have, the better a trimmer is likely going to cope with tougher growths.

Cord or Cordless?

There are plenty of great hedge trimmers out there with cords and cables.  However, no matter how durable and easy to use a trimmer might be, there is always going to be a danger of you slicing through the power cable.  That’s why some people prefer a cordless hedge trimmer or petrol hedge trimmer where you can easily keep the cables out of the way.  Either way, we think this is a safety feature most people should be shopping for.

Weight and Portability

All hedge trimmers should, of course, be easy to pick up and move around!  It’s a powerful tool that’s going to need you to be very flexible.  If you buy a tool that’s going to weigh you down, it’s hardly going to be worth your while.  Make sure to choose a hedge trimmer that’s easy for you to pick up and move around as and when you tackle some of the tougher hedges and shrubs in your garden.

Blade Design and Durability

We’re drilling down a bit deep here, but you should also think carefully about the cutting blade on a trimmer.  Are they easy to oil?  Are they tough enough to withstand the jobs you have in store for them?  Are they going to be easy to handle cutting through foot after foot of ‘soft stuff’?  

Safety Features

Safety first, of course – so pick a hedge trimmer that’s going to protect you while you’re using it.  One slip could see you seriously hurt yourself.  Choose a system built for mindful use, and with a handguard built-in wherever possible.

Product Reviews & Buyers Guide

Finding a top-rated electric hedge trimmer around isn’t going to be easy if you don’t have prior experience.  However, you really don’t need to worry, whether you’re a novice gardener or an experienced cutter.  Here’s our picks of the very best hedge trimmers online.

Best Cordless Pole Trimmer:  Ryobi ONE+ 18V OPT1845 Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer, 45cm Blade

Offering tons of flexibility and great performance, this cordless hedge trimmer is ideal for thick branches and large hedges with the added bonus of maximum portability.  The ion battery built-in offers 18V, which is a good amount of juice for the model you get!  It has a super-articulate head, which you can use to tilt and flex up to 115 degrees.

It extends to 2.9m, meaning that it just edges out the above model in terms of telescopic reach, too.  You can charge the battery up to full in an hour and fit it to your person through a nice safety strap.


  • Cordless and flexible for ease of movement
  • Battery is very powerful and quick to charge up
  • Versatile trimming action with flexible head
  • Extends up to nearly 3m for plenty of reach on tall hedges
  • Very safe and good battery life


  • Maybe a little heavier than what you expect

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Best Basic Trimmer:  Bosch AHS 60-16 Electric Hedge Cutter, 600 mm Blade Length, 16 mm Tooth Opening

For novice gardeners, this Bosch system is likely to be one of the easiest to get used to.  It’s very safe, with dual squeeze functionality to ensure you don’t accidentally set it going.  It has a good motor power at 400W, and is lightweight enough to carry from one complex job to another.

It’s also very fairly priced – and will likely be a good choice for anyone struggling to invest in a solid system at short notice.  It comes with a protective cover, and the cutting blade is amongst the most precise you’ll find at this value.


  • Nice and lightweight hedge trimmer
  • Very safe to use with guard and dual-squeeze
  • Diamond cutting blades for thick cutting
  • The protective cover is superb for when not in use
  • Very easy to move around


  • This hedge trimmer has a fairly short cord
  • Can cause fatigue in short to medium bursts

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Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer:  Bosch Cordless Hedge Trimmer AHS 50-20 LI (1 Battery, 18 V System, Stroke Length: 20 mm, In Cardboard Box)

Sticking with Bosch, this cordless hedge trimmer is its main tool, meaning it will likely be a great choice for anyone worried about cutting through cables.  This makes it very safe to use, and it’s generally very quick to charge up and power through.  You can cut through a variety of branches and stems up to around 25mm, making it a good choice for a variety of pruning and shearing.

It’s very easy to use and very comfortable thanks to its cordless nature, meaning there shouldn’t ever be anything constraining you as you move around.  It could be a good choice for anyone who struggles with cables and restrictive tools.


  • Cordless hedge trimmer for maximum flexibility
  • Decent battery life
  • Great for light cutting activity
  • Good blade length
  • All-around good performer


  • Perhaps not the best choice for bigger, thicker hedges

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Best Comfortable Hedge Trimmer:  Makita UH4861X 240 V 48 cm Electric Hedge Trimmer

As a rule, all hedge trimmers should offer you plenty of comforts, but some fall short when it comes to cutting back on fatigue.  This Makita system is designed for long-term use, meaning it offers plenty of comfort and maneuverability.  It’s decently powerful at 400W, and at 3kg, it is likely to be lightweight enough for most people to get to grips with.

It has a 10m lead, which should be a good amount of length for most users.  It also has multiple switches for safety, meaning there will be no chance of you slipping and accidentally setting it off.


  • Very comfortable hedge trimmer to hold and wield
  • Very lightweight compared to other tools of its kind
  • Impressively powerful and ideal for small hedges
  • Very safe thanks to squeezing system
  • Decent cord length for a hedge trimmer


  • Some users may find this trimmer to be a little less capable than others at similar prices

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Best Corded Pole Trimmer:  VonHaus Pole Hedge Trimmer 600W with Extendable 2.8m Reach, Adjustable Head, 45cm Blade Length & Protective Cover

We all need a bit of extra reach when it comes to trimming large hedges and shrubs sometimes, and this VonHaus system should give you enough extension to get to tough cuts.  It’s a corded trimmer and is very reasonably priced, with a stack of power at 600W.  It’s very easy and safe to use thanks to its arms-length design.

It has precision blade technology, meaning that it should offer one of the closest cuts you’ll get with any trimmer, let alone one that’s telescopic.  It has an extension lead up to 2.8m away, meaning we doubt you’ll need much more for the money.


  • Extends up to nearly 3m in front
  • Very powerful hedge trimmer at 600W
  • Safe to use thanks to the extendable design
  • Good for tall hedges with long reach
  • Precise cutting action due to its blade length


  • Some users may struggle with stability at full extension

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To Wrap It Up, My Personal Recommendation

So, which hedge trimmer is best?

On the whole, you are going to need flexibility and reach when trimming difficult hedges!  That’s why I think the Ryobi cordless pole trimmer is the pick of the crop.  It can take some getting used to if you need a lightweight trimmer, but otherwise, it’s superb for a variety of complex trimming tasks.  It’s really versatile, and a great pick for the money.

However, your needs may well vary!  Take a look at what we’ve found and see what leaps out at you.  Look for convenience, power, and safety at all costs – and get those hedges trimmed to perfection! If you want to cut thick branches, wood and logs then check out our electric chainsaw reviews.

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