Review: Procook Pans and Cookware Set

Procook really does go all-out when it comes to providing a great range of cooktop sets. We’re not complaining!

These Procook induction pans – specifically, its professional six-piece stainless steel set – promises to offer all kitchen users everything they need from pots, pans, and everything in between.

Six pots and pans should be more than enough, right?

During our research, looking into some of the best pans for induction hob cooking we found that this range do tend to tick plenty of the right boxes. As the name suggests, you’ll have access to six pans and pots in this package, all with lids built-in toughened glass.

The handles are heat resistant too, which, as you can imagine, is always going to be a plus.

You have access to 14cm, 16cm and 18cm saucepan units, as well as a 20cm stockpot, a 24cm pan for casseroles, and a 28cm frying pan.

It’s a kitchen cooktop package right out of the box, and it should serve you well if you’re looking to cook up a storm on an induction hob.

As always, there’s non-stick coating and the promise of plenty of durabilities, but we’ve done the research to see if these promises land.

As always, it’s worth checking out what buyers have to say about Procook induction pans, too, before you put any money behind them.

Product Review Overview

These induction pans are built in stainless steel to 0.8mm, and the raised sides should give you more than enough stability and security while you are boiling, frying or more.

These units should distribute heat pretty evenly, too, which isn’t always easy to come by on the cooktop. You’d normally have to get your pots or pans in the oven if you really want an even cook.

The pans, too, are oven safe, meaning that’s an extra bonus if you want to finish anything off all the way up to 260 degrees C.

We think these pots and pans should be ideal for any kind of simmering, especially when you have food or liquid that’s likely to spray out or spill through any other kind of pan set.

That’s where the high sides really come in handy on the whole.

These pans are also brilliant at locking in the heat, meaning that you don’t have to worry about losing warmth like you might with any other kind of pan or pot.

On top of all this, you can plonk your pans in the dishwasher when you’re done, which as we all know is the height of convenience!


  • More pots and pans than a little
  • All easily cleaned in the dishwasher
  • High walls for simmering
  • Stack really easily
  • Brilliant build quality


  • May not be the easiest to handle or grip
  • Smaller cooking areas on the whole

Key Features

  • Non-stick prowess – one of the best assets this pan set has to offer is the non-stick quality. It’s extremely rare anything grimy or grubby will glue to these pans, which really does make them stand out compared to the average. 
  • Extreme heat resistance – these Procook induction pans will easily withstand up to 260 C in the oven, meaning that no matter how much heat you have to throw at them, they will continue to keep things cooking over for you. The warmth locking in these pans really is worth looking out for, too.
  • Versatility – these pans are not only ideal for induction hobs, but they will also work brilliantly on ceramic hobs, halogen cooktops and more. 

Size and Specifications

  • Number of Pans: 6
  • Build: Stainless Steel and Glass
  • Weight: 19.29lbs total
  • Non-stick: Yes

Detailed Review

Value for Money (5/5)

This Procook induction pans set is absolutely worth the money. Six pans of varying sizes and of a fantastic non-stick quality really are worth buying into, and with this brand, you’re buying into seriously good quality. Buyers and reviewers will agree with us on this.

Durability (4/5)

Solidly built in high grade stainless steel, there’s not much you can say against these pans, meaning that if you are looking for something likely to withstand high temperatures and plenty of rough and tumble, then you are looking at a pretty safe purchase.

Ease of Use (3/5)

The jury does seem to be out on the ultimate usability of these pieces, with some users claiming that there are hotspots which can overcook your food. There are also claims that the handles in general are pretty slippery, and that you can expect better grips elsewhere. That said, it does still cook to an amazingly high temperature, and as you’d expect from Procook, these pans are remarkably efficient. What’s not to like?

Ease of Cleaning (5/5)

Stainless steel is famously easy to wipe down and clean. What’s more, you can put all these pots and pans in the dishwasher easily enough. The fact you get a strong amount of non-stick in the bargain is all the more worth holding out for.

Storage (4/5)

Procook pots and pans are famously easy to store and stack. These are no different, though you might find the frying pan to be a bit out of place with the rest. That said, they all hang up really nicely.

How Does It Compare?

Procook Gourmet Pans

The Procook gourmet option offers fewer pan choices but tend to be a bit lighter to wield, and on the whole, you can expect to get a better cooking quality.

Fissler Pans & Cookware

Fissler’s pan package is great if you want your kitchenware to be a bit more heavy-duty. They are harder to stack than Procook induction pans, however, though reliability is likely to be better. Read the Fissler pans review here.

Tefal Pans

We covered this brand in our Tefal pans review here.

Should I Buy These Pans?

If you are looking for a good stack of pans that will give you all you need to command the whole of the cookertop, then yes, you’re looking at an amazing deal.

However, do be aware that these pans may not give you as much of a cooking area as some of the other picks on our list. Generally, though, you can expect Procook to give you what you need in terms of durability and design.

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