Review: Tefal Pans and Cookware

This Tefal pan set is appealing from the off, thanks to the fact that you get access to the brand’s amazing thermospot technology. This is a big seller and coupled with non-stick coating, this five-set of pans is likely to appeal to anyone who’s looking for an affordable, reliable set of pans that they can easily heat up through induction. See the best from our list here

Not all Tefal pans are made for induction hobs, which is why it’s refreshing there’s a model or two here which will help you make the most of that direct heat. You can also expect ease of cleaning, and a price that’s going to compete brilliantly with the rest of the cookware on the market. What’s more, these pots and pans are built in 18/10 stainless steel, so you know you’re getting plenty of resilience.

Tefal Pans Review

Tefal is a pretty solid brand on the whole, and if you’ve already spent some time looking around for good pans for an induction cooker, you might have gotten a bit muddled by the different bits and pieces Tefal has on offer. It really does pay to be careful. However, the Comfort collection, which is also available in three pieces, will give you more than enough to cook with on your induction cooktop with ease.

The 18/10 steel pans arrive in five types and sizes, giving you what should be more than enough to cook with on a daily basis. You’ll get two lidded saucepans (16cm and 18cm), a 14cm milk pan, and two frying pans (20cm and 24cm). That’s giving you an arsenal of kitchen supplies to tackle breakfast, dinner, and everything in between. Plus, it’s Tefal – so you know you’re in safe hands.

Product Review Overview

This set of Tefal pans are designed with induction hobs in mind, meaning that you can always be sure that you are going to get up to temperature when you need to. Tefal gives you a ten year warranty from the get-go, too, meaning you know you’re dealing with a set of pans that are really going to be worth your while.

Big plus points with this set of Tefal induction pans include the thermospot technology in the frying pans, which will let you know when they are hot enough for you to start cooking on. The pans are all non-stick, too, meaning you shouldn’t ever have any problem getting ground-on grease or food up and away. It’s well worth keeping this in mind if you’ve ever had problems scrubbing pans up elsewhere.

You might not even need to scrub up at all, in fact, as you’ll be able to wash all the pots in this package in the dishwasher – helping to make things even easier on you. On top of all of that, these are some of the most affordable non-stick induction pans available right now, and you do get genuine value for money – trust us on this.


  • Thermospot technology helps with precise cooking
  • Very easy to clean and pop in the dishwasher
  • Built in impressive 18/10 stainless steel
  • Comfortable grips should help keep you safe from scalding
  • Resistant against corrosion


  • Some users find the pans a bit heavy on the whole

Key Features

  • Thermospot technology – want to know when your pans are ready at full temperature? Just wait for the spot in the middle of your frying pan to go ‘fully red’. This helps to make life easier, and cuts down on the energy you use, too.
  • 18/10 stainless steel – that’s durability and ease of cleaning assured. Tefal tends to bring some pretty rough and tumble pots and pans to the cooktop, and the Comfort selection really is at the top of the bill.
  • Even cooking – many users report that these pans cook evenly across the whole of the base, which isn’t always a given.

Size and Specifications

  • Number of Pans: 5
  • Build: Stainless Steel and glass
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs total
  • Non-stick: Yes

Detailed Review

Value for Money (5/5)

This great set of pans is available at a fraction of what you’d normally pay for precision engineering. The Tefal Comfort range ticks ease of use, affordability, ease of cleaning, you name it – all for a great price.

Durability (4/5)

Stainless steel is always a good pick but do always be careful with how you use your pans. Tefal gives you a solid ten year warranty on this set but it won’t cover you for everything – so just make sure you keep a close eye on how you use them.

Ease of Use (4/5)

There’s not much wrong at all in this department. Thermospot technology is a doddle to use if you’ve ever had a Tefal before. Some users report that the non-stick tech used here isn’t as solid as it could be, however, that may well vary from case to case. On the whole, what you see is what you get.

Ease of Cleaning (4/5)

You can easily plonk these pans in the dishwasher, and they are instantly taken care of. Many people prefer to wash them down in the sink, which is all well and good – but just make sure to take extra care so you’re not scratching anything. These pots and pans are largely protective against that kind of thing, meaning you have less to worry about than you might imagine.

Storage (3/5)

There’s nothing to say that these pots and pans won’t stack or hang well, but it’s not necessarily part of the essential design. That said, they’re not as cumbersome or as unwieldy as some of the pots and pans you’ll find for induction hobs out there, meaning these are still going to be great picks if you’re short on space.

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How Does It Compare?

Procook Gourmet Pans

The Tefal pans in the Comfort line compare and compete well with Procook’s Gourmet range in terms of durability, style, and ease of cleaning. However, the Tefal pans might just edge it in terms of price. These Procook pans also tend to have that ‘premium’ feel to them, meaning you know immediately that you’re buying into quality. Read the Procook gourmet cookware review here.

Fissler Induction Pans

Fissler’s pans are a lot different from Tefal’s in that they are bigger, bolder, and have a different handle system. Many would argue that the Tefal induction pans are easier to handle, hold and store, though Fissler’s pans could offer more in the way of durability. The jury is still out on these two, but cost, again, might just swing things towards Tefal.

Should I Buy These Pans?

If you are strapped for cash and are looking for great all-around pans for an induction hob, Tefal’s really are amongst the best. Throw in the brilliant warranty support, and legions of glowing reviews obvious all over the web, and you have a pretty sure bet. Take a look at the specs for yourself and see what you make of these induction pans for your own kitchen.

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