How To Keep A Conservatory Warm In Winter and Prevent Heat Escaping

A glass wall is a poor insulator compared to a thick brick wall. Thus said, you will need to get some inventive ways to keep your conservatory warm this winter. In short, your conservatory will only be warm if you can keep heat from escaping as well as create more heat inside. Below we have come up with some tips on how you can go about ensuring warmth in the conservatory. Take a look.

Double/Triple Glazing

Most modern conservatories will probably have double or triple glazing. It is however important that you ensure your glazing is in proper condition. True, glass is not the best insulator, but if the glazing is properly done, you will prevent lots of heat from escaping. If your budget allows, you can consider installing a PVC window. PVC will ensure more constant temperatures in your conservatory.

Another thing that is worth considering is the replacement of the glass roof. Sometimes the roof of your conservatory will have polycarbonate. Having these roofing materials replaced with tiled roofs ensures that your roof is thermally more efficient.

Installing Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is by far the most effective way to heat your conservatory. However, this heating method will only work well if you have ensured that no heat is being lost through drafts and window seals. Make no bones about it, this option is not as exciting as choosing what furniture to have, but once installed it may be the best investment you will make. Be sure to use a qualified electrician when installing underfloor heating as this is not a DIY job.

Curtains and blinds are great for forming insulation in your conservatory. Make sure you buy thick blinds and curtains for the winter. To ensure that no heat is lost, your window seals and draughts must be intact. You can contact a qualified heating technician to confirm this for you. Remember that the heat that is lost costs money. You do not want to be paying high electricity bills due to inefficient heating system.

Wooden floors or thickly carpeted

Have you ever wondered why our ancestors preferred to use wood for house constructions? The reason is simple really. Wood is great for heat insulation. Wooden floors do not change with changes in temperature. It is also great for preserving heat. Thus if your floor features wooden tiles, you are going to need lesser underfloor heating. You can also look for a thick woollen/sisal carpet and place it on your conservatory’s floor. It will help you in preserving the heat.

Electric Heater

Although this is more of a temporary solution, a wall-mounted conservatory heater works great if you have a small budget. If you cannot have underfloor heating installed, buy a cheap heater. Make sure that you have warm blinds and carpets to prevent the heat from escaping. Our post here answers the question of what is the best conservatory heater.

Pro Breeze

The heaters made by Pro Breeze are some of the most popular on the market. Ideal for most rooms in the home, this portable heater comes with 3 settings and has a built in overheat protection system to ease any concerns.

Take a look at our review of the pro breeze heater if you want more information regarding this model.


Dimplex produce wonderful heaters that are portable and come with two heating settings. The doors can be opened and closed through the control of a remote and there compact size means they can fit into small spaces and not take up to much of the room.

Have a look at our review of the dimplex tango electric stove if you think this could be a viable option.

Keep Windows Tightly Shut

It is advisable to always have the windows shut throughout winter. Of course, this means you will need awesome air conditioning to keep the air inside the conservatory fresh. Opening the windows just allows the heat to escape. It will cost you much more to heat the room.

There you have it. 6 tips that will help you enjoy your conservatory’s cosiness during winter as you did during summer. Choose the method of heat insulation that doesn’t overstretch your budget.

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