Dimplex Tango Electric Stove Review

Are you wanting a fan heater with a flame effect and looks good? Or does the sound of changing heat settings using a remote control appeal?

In this Dimplex Optiflame electric stove review, we’ll be looking at all the details including:

  • Energy efficiency and rating
  • How realistic the coals and Tango Optiflame look and add to the overall effect
  • Different options for delivering warmth

The search for the right Electric Stove

Real log burners are very popular right now. For some, this isn’t an option – myself included.

But what about a stove that can simulate that feeling? That would work. So the search began.

Editor note: This stove was featured on our best conservatory heater list.

The price of this type of product varies hugely! We couldn’t justify spending £400 or so on a stove.

The less expensive models seemed to lack features and reviews weren’t fabulous, so I didn’t feel confident going down that route.

It was only when I spotted the Dimplex electric stove around friends did I feel like my search was about to conclude.

Dimplex Tango Optiflame Electric Stove Overview

The Tango is a freestanding electric stove. Providing a flame effect, it features a low energy Optiflame, that can produce a real log effect too – very relaxing!

A lot of thought has been put into the compact size of this model as it is designed to slot into or on a standard fireplace so there should be no issues when it comes to installation.

A great thing about the Optiflame effect is that it can be used when you aren’t using the heat settings. This means that even if you aren’t looking for any heat, you can still benefit from the product and the look of the fuel bed.

In terms of being an energy-efficient heating source, this most certainly qualifies. The fan heater gives out either 1kw or 2kw of heat output. Doing this while only consuming 130 watts of energy so for those wanting to save on the central heating bill (and who doesn’t?), this could be a great little addition to the household.

This Tango Optiflame is finished in a matt black colour. One feature which can be particularly handy is that you can operate the heater using a remote control – getting too hot? No need to get up, change the temperate from where you are.

Included with the product are the stove pipe and hearth pad accessories. These are fully compatible and will finish off the look nicely!


  • Cast iron stove effect looks very stylish
  • Tranquil, almost silent Optiflame effect
  • Ideal for conservatory use
  • Brilliantly sized to slot into a fireplace


  • Control is on the inside of the stove.

Key Features

  • Virtually maintenance-free – Very little will need to be done to this fan heater to keep it in optimum condition. The Optiflame effect doesn’t burn the real coal so this ought never to need to be replaced. Nor should it need much in the way of cleaning
  • Choice of heat output – Choice of 1kw or 2kw means you have flexibility and choice over the temperature of your room
  • Easy installation -Plug in and go, no need for a third-party installation.

How Does It Compare

Flame & Shade

The similarly priced Flame & Shade stove provides the Dimplex with some decent competition. It too is remote-controlled.

There are two modes when it comes to heating – 900W (low) & 1800W (high). This model has thermostatic control and is lightweight.

This product does not require any complicated installation or information, plug in and enjoy the warmth! The amount of heat it produces is impressive. Designed to help warm up a 400 square foot room.


Another stove that could rival the Tango is the HOMCOM electric fireplace. Similar to the Flame and Shade, there are two different settings when it comes to heating, although slightly more powerful – 950W & 1850W.

As with many, this electric stove is almost maintenance-free. This means that it is also budget-friendly, no coal or wood to replace.


The Futura model is a slimline wall mounted electric heater that has a 24-hour timer and efficient digital thermostat. The aluminium body means it heats up rooms quickly and has even heat distribution throughout.

If you want to read our full review of the futura electric wall panel heater, see this page.

Should I buy this product?

Overall the Dimplex Optiflame Electric stove is one of the best options when it comes to buying a heat source with style.

The fact it requires no installation besides a three pin plug being plugged in is fantastic. Precisely what a lot of people want.

Flame Effect

The realistic flame simulation provided by the Optiflame is worth noting and worth a share.

This electric stove would suit people who are wanting to add a cosy aspect to their room. Not only cosy but a powerful source of warmth! If you need other ideas for heating a conservatory in winter, see this page.

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