Futura Electric Wall Panel Heater Review

Are you looking for that easy to install electric panel heater? Preferably one with variable power output thermostat and is wall mountable?

In this review, we will be looking at the different features in this Futura Direct connector heater, including:

  • How effective the different heat settings are and if it can achieve the ambient temperature
  • Will it be as an energy-saving as it claims
  • Does the 7-day timer give the user lots of control over the heating modes?

Searching for Panel Heaters

Let’s be upfront; there is no shortage of electric panel heaters on the market.

We did a review of the best conservatory heaters recently and this model made the list of best models to buy.

As I have children, I feel the need to have an electric heater with a child lock was important. I didn’t want the ambient temperature to be lost due to my children getting carried away.

Finding a model that had an LED display was proving to be costly, and the product reviews didn’t fill me with confidence over these products.

When I discovered Futura Eco and their range of electric panel heaters, they seemed to be offering more than other heaters available. I felt my search was almost over.

Futura Direct Electric Wall Panel Heater Overview

The Futura eco can be set to operate between 5°C and 35°C, which is a good range for most people. It will heat a 12 square metre room – perfect for apartments or small offices.

The electric heater is 100% energy efficient and comes at an affordable price.

This convector heater from Futura Direct has a very easy to use timer which can be programmed for up to a week – ideal if you’re a busy family or away from the house.

There is a control panel built into this model of electric panel heaters. This is simple to navigate and will show you which heat setting you are currently on.

Designed to save you money these Futura Direct electric panel heaters have open window detection built-in so if you open a window, the panel heaters will shut off. This will prevent them from wasting energy.


  • Temperature control is to half-degree so very accurate
  • 2-year manufacturers warranty
  • Child lock feature to prevent accidental usage
  • Ideal for conservatory use
  • Can be wall mounted


  • The display may be a little small for some.

Key Features

  • Slimline design – The product dimensions make it one of the sleekest panel heaters available. This makes it perfect in a hallway, compact bathroom or any small room.
  • Three heat settings and nine pre-sets – Comfort, eco, and frost-free mode are the different settings on these room heaters. This provides a great choice when it comes to finding the best setting for panel heaters. There are also 9 pre-sets for you to tailor to suit your needs. 9 should be plenty
  • Easy to install – Providing you aren’t installing any electric panel heaters in the bathroom, then installing this product is easy can be done with some basic DIY skills. The mounting brackets are included.

How does it compare?

Mylek Heater

Mylek Electric panel heater is solid competition when it comes to choosing a connector heater. This heater comes with a display – LED too.

It also can be installed into a bathroom as it is IP24 rated. The thermostat can be preprogrammed for up to 7 days in advance.

In addition to this, the electric radiator also will measure the temperature in the room with precision – this means your energy bills ought to reduce.

Finally, this electric panel heater can be wall-mounted and comes with the mounting brackets to do so, though it can be free-standing.

Purus Heaters

Purus range of electric heaters is packed with features, including energy-saving heating modes and a 7-day timer.

The design is this panel heater is very sleek and would suit almost any home. It comes with an LED display and 3 heat output settings, including comfort mode.

Another great thing about this heater is that is suitable for bathrooms due to is temperature control splash-proof design and is entirely wall mountable. If you want to know more about this brand, see our purus panel heater review.

Dimplex Heaters

Dimplex is another very popular brand of heaters on the market due to their quality and affordability.

The range of heaters are suitable for all types of rooms including a study, conservatory, lounge and bedroom to name a few. Some have to heat settings and the doors can be opened through remote control, which saves you having to get up off the sofa!

If you think this may be the brand for you, read our in-depth dimplex tango electric stove review and decide for yourself.

Should I buy this Electric Panel Heater?

When it comes to panel heaters, it does feel like the Futura Electric Wall Panel has everything. There are enough features in this temperature control splash-proof heater that provides a sense of value.

With plenty of versatility as it can be installed easily or remain free-standing.

There are useful measures in this product for money-saving, including open window detection, which is just brilliant.

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