Purus Panel Heater Review

Are you craving energy-efficient heaters or radiators? What about one that is bathroom safe and a 24 hour 7-day timer?

This review will look to show different features, heat settings and other features of this Purus Panel heater, including:

  • How the even heat distribution works and is it effective
  • Whether it is straightforward to fit the electric radiator
  • Does good power consumption back up the modern design?

The search for a Convector Heater

To say there are lots of panel heaters and electric radiators on the market would be somewhat of an understatement. There are loads!

We looked into quality conservatory heating options here and this model was featured.

Looking for a heater for bathrooms felt like a challenge. I wanted a modern design, but I didn’t want something that was going to cost a lot to run – a timer would be nice too.

Less expensive models weren’t always bathroom safe, and the even heat distribution claims didn’t fill me with confidence.

It was only when I read that Futura Direct did a model of electric radiators that seemed to provide the heating setting choices I had been after did I feel like my search was nearly over.

Purus Panel Heater Overview

There are many reasons why the Purus panel heater is a success when it comes to heating needs. The design and safety measures are something few people could take exception to.

The radiators that come with this heater are rated IP24. This means they are safe in bathrooms due to the splash-proof nature of them. There are even wall mounting brackets included for installing the heater into a bathroom.

They are aiming to provide the room with the ambient temperature through excellent temperature control.

A rarity with panel heaters but not with this one, it comes with energy-efficient technology. The precision thermostat measures the consumption of the panel heater. Depending on the room temperature measurement, the panel heater can switch off or on – reducing the electricity bill.


  • Temperatures can be regulated between minus 5 and 50 degrees C. Providing excellent temperature control to the user.
  • The Purus panel heater can detect when windows have been open – registering the sudden drop in temperature. This will result in the convector heater switching off to save power.
  • Easy to use LED display and timer
  • Ideal for conservatory use


  • Bathrooms installations will require a professional

Key Features

  • Scheduled Heating – This is perhaps the unique feature of this convector heater. There us a 24-hour 7-day digital timer. This is fully programmable, and you can set a schedule every week. This timer function gives excellent flexibility and control to the homeowner.
  • Child Lock Function – If selected, children will be unable to operate these electric radiators within being supervised by parents.
  • Three Heating Modes – There are 3 different heating modes, offering plenty of choices. Comfort mode, economy mode and frost-free mode.

How does it compare?


As previously mentioned, the choice for panel heaters is vast. Netta offers a 2000w panel heater for a similar price to Futura Direct – so how good is it?

With this panel heater, there is the option for it to be wall mountable or free-standing. There are fewer heat settings on this fan heater compared to the Purus panel heater. However, it does offer precision thermostat controls to control the temperature and provides a comfortable pre-set temperature.

This electric panel does not have an LED display, though this may not be important for some. Depending on the electric radiator model, you may or may not get a 24 hour 7-day timer.


Another rival to the Purus heater is a range of convection heaters by Devola Designer. This panel heater can be controlled over wifi and aims to reduce energy costs through a choice of heat setting and temperature control.

This panel heater can be fitted into bathrooms and is bathroom safe due to its splash-proof design. A fan heater that is perfect for rooms 22 meters squared or smaller. Devola Designer offers peace of mind with a 2-year guarantee.


The futura brand produces terrific heaters with a highly accurate thermostat and multiple heating settings from eco, comfort and anti frost.

The aluminium thermal radiators are easy to install and the slimline build means they fit in most rooms, from bathrooms to bedrooms. They are not portable but do come with mounting brackets that are easy to put up with the instructions. If you would like to find out more information, then see our futura electric panel heater review.

Pro Breeze

Pro Breeze are another leading competitor in the market for heaters. They produce high-end products but that are relatively small in stature and at a reasonable price. This model contains ceramic technology which is more energy-efficient than oil filled radiators.

There is advanced security with an anti tip-over switch which allows the mini heater to turn itself off in an unsafe environment. It’s extremely lightweight and portable, allowing for easy transfer to multiple rooms. See our pro breeze heater review for more facts about this model.

Should I buy this product?

This Purus panel heater could be ideal for those in a bungalow, cottage, loft conversion, and even small offices would benefit from this heater. It is also perfect for heating your conservatory.

With plenty of thermostat options, you can set your heating schedule so it could be ideal for a busy family or those who frequently travel, knowing their heating needs will be met wherever they are.

Backed up with a 2-year guarantee and fantastic customer reviews, this electric panel heater is certainly one to consider.

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