Pro Breeze Heater Review [2000W Mini Ceramic Fan]

Are you starting to get a bit chilly now that winter is starting to kick in? Or are you currently working from home like many of us only looking to warm up the room you’re working in? Thus keeping your central heating bill down.

Editor Note: This heater was recently included in our conservatory heater reviews and did pretty well.

In this review of the ProBreeze heater, we will look at a variety of things, including:

  • Overall warm temperature generating ability
  • How quickly it can warm a room
  • Why we think this ProBreeze is one of the best fan heaters on the market today – though you may disagree

The search for portable fan heaters

Finding a mini ceramic fan heater that is small in size but also powerful and equally affordable wasn’t easy.

It has to be small enough that it can go in a caravan when we want to getaway. Yet also powerful enough that it will keep us toasty warm when we’re at home. Ideally easy to use so the children can operate one too.

Cheaper models tend to be quite noisy, and when we’re trying to sleep that can be less than ideal, and it really can begin to interfere with your sleep – once you notice the noise, it’s hard not to keep on catching it.

More expensive models appeared to become overly complicated and lost that easy to use feeling. This isn’t something we wanted; a simple mini ceramic fan heater was all that was required.

So we did what a lot of people do, we looked on Amazon.

ProBreeze Heater Overview

ProBreeze likes to refer to this mode of fan heaters as “powerful but discreet”, with good reason too. It is a reasonably compact unit, yet it gives out a surprising amount of warmth.

This heater is a 2000W heater that uses ceramic heating elements designed to transfer warm temperature in compact rooms – it’s suitable for motorhomes or caravans too. If you need to know how to keep a conservatory warm in winter, see our main guide.

The technology behind ceramic heaters is the latest when it comes to mini fans. When compared to traditional fan heaters, it can be more energy-efficient and generally safer to use.

This 2000W mini ceramic fan does warm-up space more quickly when compared to standard fan heaters, and there’s more to it than just that.


  • Latest ceramic heating elements technology, maximising energy efficiency
  • Two power settings & fan-only mode
  • Handle makes it very portable
  • Ideal for conservatory use


  • It can get a little noisy.

Key Features

  • 60° Automatic Oscillation Mode – The Pro Breeze 2000W mini ceramic fan heater will rotate from side to side at the flick of a switch. This means that it will warm up quite a large space in a short amount of time.
  • Adjustable Thermostat – Built into this fan heater is a fully adjustable thermostat control. They are allowing you to be able to monitor the temperature in the room and optimising the heating element and energy efficiency.
  • Built with safety in mind – Designed into this heating unit are several advanced safety features. There is overheat protection built-in as well as an anti-tip-over switch. Should the ProBreeze tip over, it will instantly switch off to prevent any unsafe usage.

How Does It Compare


The similarly priced fan heaters from Ruitx provide an adequate level of competition. The aim to rival central heating by warming up within seconds.

Similar to the Breeze 2000W, the Ruitx has two power settings that are easy to use. However, this model only comes with one setting for providing warmth. The other is for cold air.

With several safety features, including a safety cut – this one is a good rival to the Pro breeze 2000w mini fan heater.


Another alternative to the Pro breeze 2000w mini ceramic would be the portable range of fan heaters from VleOak. With these fan heaters, they have an oscillation mode, that will distribute the right amount of heat around the room.

It is lightweight and very portable. One of the features worth noting is the adjustable thermostat – it replicates a central heating system in terms of control level.


The Purus product is a stylish wall mounted heater that is suitable for all rooms, even bathrooms. The electric radiator couldn’t be easier to plugin and set up, as well as having child locks to prevent any changes in the temperature.

There is also an automatic detection system that if the temperature drops by 5 degrees suddenly in a room, it turns itself off to save power. If you think this could be the heater for you, make sure to read our full review of the purus panel heater.

Should I buy this product?

This Pro Breeze 2000W mini ceramic is a fantastic alternative to ranking up your central heating bill at home. With a built-in safety cut off switch as an added safety feature, you can rest easy knowing nothing will happen if you happen to knock it over accidentally.

There is so much versatility when it comes to using this heating element. The ability to vary the amount of heat it produces through the adjustable thermostat and different power settings.

A dependable and energy-efficient heater that will keep your heating bill down and you toasty warm.

John Devlin

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