How To Keep a Conservatory Cool in the Summer: 6 Overheating Solutions

In the winter they will be cosy little nooks for you to wrap up in the cold evenings and in the summer, they are perfect places to admire the views outside in the lovely weather. However, when the sun comes out a conservatory can soon heat up and keeping the thing cool in the summer becomes a right headache. Learn ways to keep a conservatory cool with our simple steps

Conservatory cooling solutions

Conservatories are wonderful home improvements and fun additions to any house, with unlimited potential. They can enhance outdoor living and can be designed in so many ways that no two conservatories are the same. The prices of conservatories in the UK are going up every year, so if you end up with a sweatbox we’re sure you won’t be happy. A lean-to with a full glass roof can heat up quickly.

Having a little conservatory is both a blessing and a curse.

It can provide you with some much-needed space but sometimes this space is so small that you don’t know what to do with it. Having the correct conservatory decor and furnishings can open up your house and provide you with a place full of light and a place to enjoy your garden all year.

In this article, we are going to sort through the best options to stop you melting this summer

Unless you want your own personal sauna these tips and tricks will certainly help tips keeping your conservatory cool. And with the heatwave set to continue, now is the perfect time to find out how to cool your conservatory down quickly and easily.

Top cool conservatory ideas

During the warmer months, outdoor dining and relaxing is all the rage, a conservatory can offer a great place to sit and enjoy the sunlight while enjoying your garden in full bloom. But your conservatory can easily turn into a greenhouse if you’re not careful with your cooling methods.

Opening the doors and windows only does so much – sometimes you’re in need of something a little extra to keep your favourite room cool in the summer. Anyone with a south-facing conservatory will testify to this.

1) Conservatory Blinds

A lot of people opt for blinds in their conservatories and it’s easy to see why. They are easy to install, look great and keep the room cool when the sun is blaring. Properly made to measure blinds can shield a room from the glare of the sun, so it can keep the room cool and bright, without it being too much. A bonus of installing a blind is that they can keep your conservatory warm during the winter too! An excellent addition with year-round use!

Style of Blinds

You can get blinds in a variety of styles and makes to suit all budgets. These include;

  •   Venetian blinds
  •   Roller blinds
  •   Blackout blinds
  •   Shutters
  •   Printed blinds

The list really goes on and you can choose from hundreds of different styles to suit your taste. You can even make them yourself!

2) Cooling Window Films

A lot of companies nowadays offer what is known as cooling film, designed specifically for conservatories or a glazed extension. In layman’s terms, you can think of the cooling film as a pair of sunglasses for the windows of your conservatories. It is a simple adhesive layer which sticks to the glass and can help keep your room nice and cool

Is the cooling film actually worth it?

The way that cooling film works is by reflecting 80% of the UV rays from the sun. So instead of letting this heat in, it reflects it back into the sky – keeping your natural light flowing and your conservatory cool. It also protects you from the harmful UV rays that the sun emits, meaning you will be cool and protected!

The cooling film is incredibly popular in large office buildings and skyscrapers where there is a lot of different type of glazing. They can protect people from harsh glare, but also it helps to protect furnishings from fading in the light. This is especially important if you have armchairs or sofas in your conservatory that you don’t want to fade.

3) Cooling fans for conservatories  

A ceiling fan is a sure-fire way to keep a conservatory cool this summer. Energy-efficient these are incredibly useful because a lot of ceiling fans double up as lights, and they’re installed in exactly the same way. So you won’t need any extra wiring done or new switches installed – it can all be fitted with exactly what you already have.

Probably the cheapest air conditioning option

They don’t take up any extra room because they are suspended from the ceiling. And the best thing about ceiling fans is that they cool the whole room down without you even realising they’re on. Modern ceiling fans are quiet, so you can have them on without feeling like you have a helicopter landing in your living room. And because they are so popular now you can pick one up without having to break the bank.

4) Heat reflective glass

Natural light hitting any double glazing in the warmer months is going to cause issues. If you have a little more to spend you can always opt for heat reflecting glass. Heat reflective glass is designed especially for conservatories, glass extensions and this exact purpose. It can be used as vertical, slanted and roof panels so you can design your whole conservatory with this special glass.

Benefits of heat reflective glass;

  • It works in the winter months too. By keeping heat in instead of letting it pass through the glass, it stops the conservatory from becoming too cold.
  • It is super easy to maintain – exactly like regular glass.
  • You won’t see a difference in quality. You will still be able to perfectly see through the glass.
  • It will keep the direct sunlight from heating your conservatory up too much.
  • You can get self-cleaning reflective glass meaning you won’t have to maintain it as much as regular glass. 

What is heat reflective glass?

Heat reflective glassworks in a similar way to cooling film as described above and are great for these double-glazing issues. But instead of it being a thin adhesive film which sticks to your windows, it’s built right into the glass. Although it’s slightly more expensive than cooling film, it has a much longer life and is far more durable.

5) Conservatory roof coverings

If your conservatory is sitting in the path of direct sunlight, you will know that the most annoying time of day is when the sun is high in the sky. The sun glares through your conservatory roof and there is no shade nor anywhere to hide from it. This is frustrating because this is often the time of day where you want to enjoy and relax in the warmth from the sun.

One solution to this is installing a roof covering for your conservatory. These are fitted inside the conservatory and are incredibly similar to blinds – but for the ceiling. These coverings are often made of wood slats, so you can adjust how much sunlight you’re letting in. When the sun is at its brightest you can close the slats, so you aren’t bombarded with the glare. But when the sun has moved on you can open them again to let in the light.

The good thing about these roof coverings is that they still let in enough light and heat for you to enjoy the warmth, but without making it too hot.


It sounds silly, but the design of a room can actually make it feel warmer or cooler. Harsh, bright colours can draw in the sunlight and make it warmer in the room. Whereas pastel and soft colours will reflect the heat more and help to keep the room cool.

When designing your conservatory choose colours which are soft, light and pastel to make sure that you’re keeping the room cool. Have the air conditioning question at the top of your list. You can also choose hard furnishings which reflect a cooler atmosphere.

Light woods such as pine or bamboo make perfect conservatory items because they make the room feel cooler and more relaxing. When choosing the window and door options consider bi-folding doors as these when opened can cool the place instantly.

6) Tiled Roofs

These are taking off massively across the UK, prices for converting a conservatory roof to a tiled roof version can be costly. But it’s a sure-fire option to keep it cool and get an excellent heat gain in the winter while reducing the conservatory roof cleaning costs. 

Closing notes

There you have it, 6 steps on how to keep a conservatory cool. Conservatory windows and roofs, in particular, are torture for baking you! It’s no secret, depending on the budget we have demonstrated some cheap and energy-efficient ways to combat the issue.

The cheaper options that will help you cool down a conservatory are available at most large garden centres and the more complex solutions will need a reliable conservatory installer. You can’t go fitting a conservatory tiled roof yourself!

For more ideas on getting the best out of your conservatory.

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